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WJSN ‘HAPPY’ on Music Bank

Cosmic girls (a.k.a WJSN) is presenting their new song on Music Bank.

The title of their new song is ‘HAPPY’. This is main title of their first official album ‘HAPPY MOMENT’.

The track lists of the album ‘HAPPY MOMENT’ are the following:

  1. Happy
  2. 기적 같은 아이 (Miracle)
  3. Mr. Bad boy
  4. Sugar
  5. Baby face
  6. 퐁당 퐁당 (Plap Plap)
  7. Follow me
  8. B. B. B. Boo
  9. Geeminy
  10. 지금 만나러 가요 (Closer to you)




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