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Red Velvet teaser image of IRENE and YERI

SM Entertainment has released the ‘teaser image’ of Irene through their official website (link: redvelvet.smtown.com). This album ‘The summer’ contains five songs. The title song is called the ‘Red flavor’.

As the teaser image of Irene is released, the interview and a concept photo of Irene has been replaced to Yeri’s interview.


The interview and a concept image of YERI is released.

From the interview, YERI is saying that ‘ 쨈이 꿈이었어요. I used to dream of becomim a jam when I grew up. ‘


The official website of Red Velvet is decorated with different fruits. It seems to be the symbols of Red Velvet members.


YERI’s symbol of this album seems to be a grape. Her concept photo is presented with ‘purple color’ not like Irene’s concept image that is decorated with ‘red color’ and a symbol of watermelon.

(For more information about IRENE’s concept photo and interview, please visit the following link : http://www.nowkpop.com/2017/06/30/red-velvet-is-coming-back-soon/).

Thus JOY, SEULGI and WENDY might be having a symbol of orange, kiwi and pineapple.

Irene: Watermelon

Wendy: Orange

Seulgi: Pineapple

Joy: Kiwi

Yeri: Grape


Irene’s image is presented by clicking the ‘Teaser Image’ badge, and the interview of Yeri is presented by clicking the ‘Interview’ badge.


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