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LOOΠΔ releases first photo teaser for July’s Girl of the Month

At midnight on the 5th of July 2017, LOOΠΔ releases the first official photo teaser for the upcoming LOOΠΔ Girl of the Month for July. The new member of LOOΠΔ will have a representative colour of Purple, which is the colour that is made by combining Red and Blue, which are the representing colours of Kim Lip and JinSoul, the two previous members released earlier in May and June. She will be officially revealed on the 12th of July, with a series of promotional pictures of her, while her solo music video and album will be released somewhere around late July.

The teased picture has a mysterious purple theme, with what seems to be mist/fog covering the face of the July Girl. Her outfit also matches those worn by the LOOΠΔ 2/3 members, which have a casual and slightly ‘Girl-crush’ style to them. LOOΠΔ 2/3 is a sub-group of LOOΠΔ that will consist of 3 members, of which two members, Kim Lip and JinSoul have been officially revealed.

The Girl of July has actually been teased way before this official teaser picture was released, dating back to the first episode of LOOΠΔ TV where JinSoul was officially released. She is seen to have curly ginger hair, with thick bangs covering her forehead. She has been following the two LOOΠΔ 2/3 members around to JinSoul‘s photoshoot and MV recording areas.

Stay tuned to NowKpop for the latest LOOΠΔ updates! Also don’t forget to check out our detailed LOOΠΔ Profile for more information about this soon-complete girl group!

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