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Weki Meki’s first mini album ‘WEME’ teaser

Weki Meki (위키미키, Wiki Miki) also known as WEME is making their debute on  August 8, 2017. They also had a name of ‘I- TEEN GIRLZ’ before they got their official name. Weki Meki means that ‘You and me become we and to become one group’. They are 8 in members:

  1. Suyeon (수연)
  2. Elly (엘리)
  3. Yoojung (유정)
  4. Doyeon (도연)
  5. Sei (세이)
  6. Lua (루아)
  7. Rina (리나)
  8. Lucy (루시)

Yoojung, Doyeon, Elly and Sei is also known as a former ‘Produce 101 season 1’ members. Yoojung and Doyeon made it to top 11 to debut as I. O. I. However, they are now making their second debut as Weki Meki.

The title song of their debut album is called ‘I don’t like your girlfriend’ and the teaser is released.










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