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Happy Birthday to WINNER’s Mino!

It’s WINNER’s Mino birthday today! Mino turns 23 years old or 24 years old in Korean age today, he’ll be celebrating with the rest of the WINNER members as well as his family too! He’ll definitely be getting some heartfelt messages from the Innercircle too! NowKPop wishes Mino a great …

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New boygroup ASTRO releases ‘Hide and Seek’!

ASTRO, the new 6 member boygroup formed under Fantagio Entertainment has recently released their debut music video for ‘Hide and Seek’! The funky and fun pop track talks about how a boy has feelings for a girl similar to a game of hide and seek where he ‘found’ her and …

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Family Guy pays homage to SISTAR and Hyuna!

Hit American animated TV show Family Guy released their newest episode on the 3rd of January featuring snippets of Kpop! In the episode Peter and his friends travel to South Korea to find that Quagmire stars in a K-Drama, ‘Winter Summer’ which is a reference to ‘Winter Sonata’. A clip …

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MONSTA X’s Jooheon releases ‘Rappin’!

Jooheon, the talented rapper from Monsta X has released a short version of his own solo rap track, ‘RAPPIN’! Despite the video being released in less than a day, it already has 19000 views and counting! Jooheon shows off his charisma and his ‘bad boy swag’ with also his powerful …

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Oh My Girl detained for 10+ hours in USA?!

Rookie girl group Oh My Girl recently went to Los Angeles on the 10th of December to do an album cover shoot, but only to be detained for 15 hours?! The girl group and their team of staff encountered the problem when they were detained by customs in the immigration …

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Viral video of BTS manager threatening members leaked!

Recently, a video of BTS members being threatened by their manager has gone viral and spread like wildfire to all social media platforms far and wide. Published on Vine on the 29th of December, the video has looped over 6.1 million times in over 28 hours and has gained comments …

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BTS release dance practice version of ‘RUN’!

BTS have just released their dance practice version of their comeback track from the second part of their 4th mini album, ‘The Most Beautiful Moment in Life pt. 2’, ‘RUN’! The members are all dressed in monochromatic outfits but their smooth and fast paced dance moves definitely aren’t dull at …

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Seventeen’s Vernon, Woozi and S.Coups make an appearance on ‘#hashtag’!

Seventeen’s Vernon, Woozi and S.Coups recently dropped by 1theK’s show ‘#hashtag’ to talk about their new collaboration track with Ailee, ‘Q&A’! The boys answered their fans’ questions and also reviewed the hashtags that their fans have given to them such as ‘#smileyeyes’, ‘#teentwist’, ‘#Dicaprio’, ‘#toogoodlooking’ and many more! The boys …

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Ailee releases ‘Q & A’ with Vernon, S.Coups and Woozi of Seventeen!

The long awaited collaboration project between Ailee and Seventeen has finally been released! Ailee recently collaborated with Seventeen’s Vernon, S.Coups and Woozi to release the track ‘Q & A’. ‘Q & A’ is a light-hearted track with clear and crisp vocals from Ailee and Woozi paired with smooth rapping from …

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