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It has been a while since iKON had their concert in Hong Kong. However, as we promised, here is the concert review. The concert was held in Asia World Expo in Hong Kong, and as we expected, a lot of fans had came to enjoy and cheer for iKON’s first …

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iKON playlist: Some of the great hidden songs from iKON

iKON is famous for their uniqueness and amazing song producing mainly from their leader, B.I.. Not only their well known songs, but a lot of hidden songs in their album are amazing to listen to. So here are 10 songs recommended for K-pop fans: 1. Climax (Team B from Win who is next) …

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[HOT] Kim Nayoung from ‘Produce 101’ is in Vixx’s new music video

Jellyfish Entertainment staffs have commented that Vixx‘s new music video’s main character will be Kim Nayoung who ended up as 14th in ‘Produce 101’. Vixx will be having their comeback this week with their new album, fans are not only excited about the songs, but also looking forward to see Nayoung in the …

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[HOT] Suzy is preparing to debut as a solo soon!

Get ready for Suzy‘s new solo album! According to the staffs, it is confirmed that Suzy is preparing to comeback as a singer after a long period of time working as an actress on screens and a few dramas. She is very serious about this project and choosing every song for …

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[BREAKING] Cube Entertainment confirms that Hyunseung is leaving BEAST

It is a sad news to hear that Hyunseung is officially leaving Beast and preparing for a new start as a solo singer. Recently there had been a lot of rumors about relationship between Beast and Hyunseung and about his career as a singer in the group, and today (April 19th), Cube Entertainment finally announced an …

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[BREAKING] Red Velvet wins the trophy for Show Champion

Congratulations Red Velvet! They have achieved the trophy for 23rd March’s Show Champion. This is their second trophy after getting one from The Show yesterday. They had cameback as a ballad album this time, and it is amazing to see how a girl group can still get 2 trophies after 1 …

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