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TOP 5 Spring song recommendation

Since spring is coming up, here are some of the best songs to listen to during this amazing season. These songs will melt your heart and make you feel the warm breeze of the spring. 1. Busker Busker – Cherry Blossom Ending 2. K.will – Love Blossom 3. IU, High …

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[HOT] Winner will be revealing new title song at the concert

Get ready for Winner’s new title song! It is announced that winner will be revealing their new title song at their concert as a ‘surprise show’ to their fans. It is claimed that Winner members had been discussing about a surprise show to their fans, and they have decided to reveal their new …

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[HOT] Zhou Mi and Gfriend Yerin will be Show Champion MC

Get ready to meet new MC for Show Champion! It is confirmed that Gfriend Yerin and Super Junior M Zhou Mi will be the new MC. They will be showing from February 2nd as 2MC. Are you excited to meet them? Make sure to support them for season 5 Show Champion!

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[BREAKING] Lee Hi is coming back after having 3 years break!

Recently, a staff from YG entertainment reported saying that Lee Hi will comeback soon with a full album. The comeback date is not confirmed yet. Also, another surprising news is that Tablo from Epik High will be producing her new album! Many fans are excited and looking forward to her new album, also many staffs …

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[VIRAL] Netizens are shocked at Irene’s pre-debut photos

Red Velvet Irene had been famous since her pre-debut for good looking being claimed as Ulzzang. There also had been an episode where Joy told her parents that she can’t be a trainee when she saw Irene on her first day. Here are some photos before her debut: Popular comments: I never knew she …

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