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Fans gave Alcohol to Jungkook as a gift during fansign!

Since Jungkook finally became 20 (Korean Age), he is now legally allowed to have alcohols. Recently, during BTS’s Fansign, a few fans gave him fansign and this has become viral among fans. They gave Soju (Korea’s most popular alcoholic beverage) , Makgeolli (Rice alcohol), and beer. Check out his reaction!

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Top 5 beautiful teaser photos

Netizens have chose some of the most beautiful teaser photos from the idols, here are some one of the most popular ones. Which one do you like the most?? 1. TTS – Dear Santa           2. F(x) – Red Light 3. BTS – I need you …

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Fans spot EXO doing volunteer work during busy schedules

EXO members Chanyeol, Kai and Chen was spotted on 15th December that they went to volunteer work of carrying briquettes to houses. Fans are surprised and praising the members who went to help during their harsh, busy schedules. A fan posted photos with EXO and fans found out about this news from …

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[HOT] BTS grabs second trophy from Show Champion!

BTS won their second trophy from Show Champion by their comeback song ‘RUN’ on 16th December. Member V said that he is thankful to all the fans and the staffs who helped and said ‘Let’s go together in 2016 too’ to his fans. Congratulations!!

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Btob Sungjae covers Junsu’s ‘Yesterday’

Sungjae from Btob  covered Junsu‘s ‘Yesterday’ for I’ll be your melody season 3. Sungjae has claimed that he always loved this song and wanted to make a cover of it. Check out the video from the link below:  

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[HOT] Bobby and B.I will be on Happy Together!

It is surprising to hear that two members from Ikon, Bobby and B.I. will be on Happy Together along with Sandra Park. There will also be actress Kyung Soojin, designer Hwang Jaegun  and Kim Dokyoon. Fans are excited to see Ikon on another variety show after Running Man and it is announced that they will on the show for the Christmas special on …

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[VIRAL] Hongki and Chanyeol’s reaction goes viral

Recently, photos of Hongki from FT Island and Chanyeol from EXO went viral as a comparison when they saw a foreign fan throwing her bra on to the stage. This kind of situation happened during Music Bank in Mexico to B.A.P and EXO, the staffs claimed that they had to film their performance again because of this.

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F(x) is finally releasing winter song after 4 years

Sm entertainment‘s new special single “Winter Garden” will release three songs featured by F(x), Red Velvet and Boa. F(x) will be the first one to go, releasing their winter single on the 15th December. Are you excited to hear their new winter special single?

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