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Vixx “Chained Up” Fanchant

사슬 (Chained Up) 응원법 (00:09~) V.I.X.X 잔뜩 긴장한 채 어깨를 굴려 난 네 주윌 어슬령거러 uh 나를 굴복시킨 채찍 너머로 넌 날 응시해 뚫어지게 (옳지 착하지) 거친 내 숨결 다가와 어루만질 때 나는 이렇게 아픈데 (넘 아픈데) 돌아서지 못해 Eenie meenie minie moe 주인이자 먹잇감 Yeah Yeah Eenie meenie minie moe 사랑이자 독재자 넌 나의 사랑이자 독재자 …

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Jessi will be coming back with Dok2!

Jessi will be coming back with Dok2 for her new solo single on the 30th of November. The Hip-Hop couple will have a new song called ‘Put Your Heels Up’. It is a song which depict the people who came to see famous stars, you will be also be able to …

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EXO is coming back with special album!

Exo will be coming back with their new special album, ‘Sing For You’ on December 10th. They will be also having special channel ‘EXO COMEBACK STAGE Sing For You’ on their Naver Star Live Application V through Exo channel on the same day. Also, it is also announced that they …

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