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Ice Queen Jessica’s Modern Sleek Outfit!

On July 25th, Singer Jessica (previously known as SNSD’ss Jessica) has posted a picture of herself wearing classic all-black look with “I can’t stop smiling #awesome weather” on Instagram. photo creds: daum.net Her classy all-black modern outfit includes a lose-fit black tank with black and white contemporary summer shoes, her hair …

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[Trending Style] Female Idols’ Hot Summer Beach Looks

Summer is still not over yet! Female Idols like Twice, Hani and Hyuna etc from their photo shoots are mostly wearing two-piece swimwear, with common long sleeves ( you don’t want to get sunburned, do you?), with a bit of cool riff off; the top is cropped!  This style is perfect …

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[Special] Three Fun Facts About Korea

1: Sweet Two-Years-Old [not sixteen] ! Koreans have special tradition when the baby ages first, (Korea’s age counting system starts from 1, as in if you are newborn, you’re 1 years old!), they open a traditional celebration with traditional food (Seaweed soup, fruits and ricecakes!) This celebration ‘decides’ baby’s fortune; parents gather …

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HYUNA’s first solo tour at China

As a well-recognised solo artist, hyuna’s very first Asia tour (confirmed for 4 regions in China; GuangZhou, Shanghai, etc), after her fan meeting on September 4th, @ TaiPei. Adding on to the excitement, she’s been planning a Globa tour, as she has already gained many fans worldwide [you know who …

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Law of the Jungle, Friday’s all time favourite TV show!

SBS’s TV program show Law of the Jungle is released every Friday, and according to the news it surpassed two other program which were released at the same time and officially is officially titled as one of the favourite TV shows on Friday, gaining popularity quickly.  

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Miss A Fei’s solo debut stage

Miss A’s Fei’s solo debut stage (Fantasy) was performed in MBC’s music program Show! Music Core, on 23rd of July. With bright red hair and white costume, it fits the music theme even more, which is dreamlike, along with the hula-hoop choreography, matching the groovy, R&B music.

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Girl’s day Hyeri’s new hobby!

Kpop Group Girl’s day Hyeri has revealed through ‘V app’ her two newfound interests and hobby; Bowling and learning Chinese. Her fans showed interest when she showed them her Chinese notebook. She has also commented she is confident and will not lose easily when competing in bowling.  

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OH MY GIRL’s concert

OH MY GIRL’s concert coming up in August 21st and 22nd is to be on Seol, Korea. It is said that their tickets were all bought within THREE minutes of opening of ticket sales. WM entertainment has commented that they are grateful and to look forward to OH MY GIRL’s …

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9MUSE unit ‘9MUSE A’ members are finally revealed with a song ‘lip a lip’ which is to be released on August 4th. Unlike the previous 9MUSE, the director said we will be expecting more cuteness instead of sexy feeling from before with some new group members.  

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