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20 Korean idols who love fashionable chokers

A choker is a close-fitting necklace and it met its peak during the 1990s, but now, its very hit item once again! This fashionable item makes the entire look look more chic yet in a careless manner. Almost all Korean idols wear chokers, but we’ll only name a few here. Gong …

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K-Style! – 유리조각네일 Sparkly Glass Nail Art!

Glass nail art is the new hit for Koreans! The Korean term for this is 유리조각네일, which literally translates to ‘Glass nail’. Following this hit wave of glass nails, everyone has been trying it out and posting their masterpieces on social medias such as Facebook and Instagram! These look elegant …

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Sulli shows support for f(x)’s upcoming comeback!

Although she has officially departed from the group Sulli continues to show support for f(x)’s upcoming forth full length album! Two months ago, SM Entertainment announced Sulli’s departure from f(x) in order to pursue her acting career; yet it seems like the five girls are still bonded together, as she continues to show love and support for her …

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Victoria hits 2 million followers on Instagram!

  Congratulations to f(Victoria) as she has finally hit 2 million followers on her personal Instagram! The idol have been receiving a lots of love from fans for her cute personality, satisfying dancing skills as well as her amazing acting skills. She has recently captured many audiences for her 19-minute drama …

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[EXCLUSIVE] 5 Memorable stages of f(x) and Sulli!

1. f(x)’s debut stage 2. Amber’s return after a year of hiatus 3. f(x)’s first ever #1 trophy + encore stage 4. f(x)’s ninth win for Electric Shock + encore stage 5. Sulli’s last performance with f(x) + Red Light Goodbye Stage + f(x)’s fifth win for Red Light

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[Recap] G Friend’s slippery stage

A while ago G Friend had a tough time when performing ‘Me Gustas Tu’ live due to a slippery stage. The fancam was released and G Friend’s stage instantly became viral. Here is a recap of the heart breaking falls of G Friend.  

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Get their style! TWICE

JYP‘s new 9-member girl group TWICE has recently debuted with their song ‘Like Ooh-Ahh’ and has received lots of love for their enthusiasm both onstage and offstage. Let’s take a look at their MV and album photoshoot style! MINA Top: KRW ₩52,000 American Apparel Choker Top   NAYEON Necklace: KRW …

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AOA’s Seolhyun attracts everybody with her glamorous looks!

AOA’s Seolhyun has recently updated her Instagram with a glamorous photo of her. Despite of her tired looks due to her busy schedules in Japan; Seolhyun’s continued to attract her fans with her beauty. As soon as the photo was posted, many Elvises commented Very beautiful Seolhyun <3<3<3 saranghaeyo So beautiful 😍😍 Love you 😘😘 Eonni…you’re …

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Travel Korea with Krystal!

The Korea Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, have recently release f(x)’s Krystal’s pictorial for Imagine Your Korea! In the photos you can see Krystal posing in various places in Korea. Along with the beautiful background, Krystal’s fresh and pretty looks capture audience’s eyes in particular! Meanwhile along with the other 3 members of f(x), Krystal is …

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