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Exclusive segments only at NowKPop! Learn how to dress like KPop Stars with ‘Get Their Style’! Learn more about KPop Stars and how they affect you day to day only at NowKPop!

Who Wore It Better: Dasom [Sistar] or Hwasa [Mamamoo]?

Hwasa from Mamamoorecently participated in a collaboration stage with 4minute’s HyunA on 20 August on Mnet’s M! Countdown. She wore a “SUPA FRESH” crop-top which is from H&M, and our writers have noticed that Sistar’s Dasom has worn the exact same shirt in one of Sistar’s stage performances for “Shake It”! …

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Get Their Style: CLC!

Click on the description of the clothing to go the link! SEUNGHEE One piece: KRW ₩ 48,800 Pleated Hem T-Shirt Dress (Sold Out)   YEEUN Top: KRW ₩ 8,500 Stylenanda SUPER Print Tank Top Skirt: KRW ₩ 30,600 Stylenanda Color Block Flared Hem Skirt   SEUNGYEON One piece: KRW ₩ …

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Which colour hair suits Hello Venus’ Lime the best?

During the years, Hello Venus’ cool rapper Lime has undergone many color changes for her hair, which colour do you think suits her the best? Comment down! 1) Lime’s original lime colour hair during the Venus era! 2) Lime’s cool blonde hair during the What Are You Doing Today? era! 3) Lime’s natural hair color …

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Who Wore It Better? Krystal, Amber, or Seungri?

The shirt that all three of them are wearing is from the brand “Misfits” and is the “Glow In The Dark Two Fiend Skull Men’s T-Shirt”. While Amber and Krystal wore this shirt during their “Electric Shock” live performances, Seungri wore his during their Big Bang Naver countdown on August …

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Get Their Style: HELLO VENUS “I’m Ill”!

Click on the description of the clothing to go to the links! LIME Top: KRW ₩ 87,800 Stylenanda “GOD BLESS YOU” T-Shirt Dress (Black)   Top: KRW ₩ 15,900 Stylenanda Cross and Letter Print Sleeveless Crop Top   YOOYOUNG Skirt: KRW ₩ 29,000 mixxmix Faux Leather Tennis Skirt     …

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9 Memorable stages of Girls’ Generation and Jessica!

1) Girls’ Generation’s Debut Stage! 2) Girls’ Generation 1st ever win with their debut track Into The New World Encore Stage! 3) Girls’ Generation’s 1st ever win on Music Bank Encore Stage! 4) Girls’ Generation’s Gee 9th Win Encore Stage! 5) Girls’ Generation on Gag Concert! 6) Jessica laughing while singing …

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Get their style: POTEN “Go Easy” 150801!

Click on the description of the clothing to go to the links! HYEJI Top: KRW 34,000 Dim. E Cres Basic Crop Top_Blue Skirt: $54 American Apparel Tennis Skirt HYEJIN Top: KRW 42,000 Dim. E Cres LOGO STORY Sleeveless BLACK Skirt: KRW 72,000 Dim. E Cres Logo Pleated Skirt_Red YUN Top: …

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