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Exclusive segments only at NowKPop! Learn how to dress like KPop Stars with ‘Get Their Style’! Learn more about KPop Stars and how they affect you day to day only at NowKPop!

Netizens are amazed by this particular skill of Chanyeol!

  EXO’s Chanyeol is actually a master in Claw Crane! Recently a photo of him and EXO’s staffs was uploaded on Instagram, in the photo Chanyeol and EXO’s staffs were seen standing in front of the Claw Crane trying to grab some cute little plush toys. Not long after another photo was posted on Instagram, this time the photo featured Chanyeol and EXO’s staffs …

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Get Their Style: Black Pink “Whistle” and “Boombayah”!

Click on the description of the clothing to go to its link! BOOMBAYAH Lisa Top: R13 Ziggy Concert Tee ($225 USD) (SOLD OUT) Accessory: Kugi Leather Chain Necklace (199,800 YEN)    Jennie Dress: Vetements Layered T-Shirt Dress ($1,765 USD)    Rosé Dress: More Than Dope Antiwar Sleeveless (SOLD OUT)   …

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Get Their Style: I.O.I. “Whatta Man”!

Click the clothing description to go to its link! Sohye Top: KR₩35,000 Charm’s Strip Crop-Top/Red Skort: KR₩68,000 Charm’s Mix Skirt/Red Accessory: KR₩13,900 UNIX Mini Hair Iron   Nayoung Top: KR₩29,000 Dim. E. Cres. Daily String Sleeveless_Blue Skirt: KR₩29,000 MIXXMIX Classic Pleat Tennis Skirt_ Sky Blue   Yoojung Top: KR₩29,000 Dim. …

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Happy Chilseok everybody! Since it is Chilseok let’s look at a song that expresses the cute feelings of Gyeonwoo and Jiknyeo, the couple that meets every year during Chilseok. Red Velvet – 7월7일 (One Of These Nights) Korean Lyrics by 서지음(Jam Factory) Composed by Hwang Chan Hee / Andreas Oberg / Maria Marcus Arranged by …

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miss A introduces two “new members” in their recent performance!

  miss A is back with two “new members”! During their recent performance on JYP NATION the group introduced two new male members named Jo Kwon and Bam Bam; along with their “new members” the group performed their hit track Hush in a brand new way, wowing all their fans! Meanwhile you can check out JYP’s reaction to the performance above!

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Ice Queen Jessica’s Modern Sleek Outfit!

On July 25th, Singer Jessica (previously known as SNSD’ss Jessica) has posted a picture of herself wearing classic all-black look with “I can’t stop smiling #awesome weather” on Instagram. photo creds: daum.net Her classy all-black modern outfit includes a lose-fit black tank with black and white contemporary summer shoes, her hair …

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[Trending Style] Female Idols’ Hot Summer Beach Looks

Summer is still not over yet! Female Idols like Twice, Hani and Hyuna etc from their photo shoots are mostly wearing two-piece swimwear, with common long sleeves ( you don’t want to get sunburned, do you?), with a bit of cool riff off; the top is cropped!  This style is perfect …

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[Special] Three Fun Facts About Korea

1: Sweet Two-Years-Old [not sixteen] ! Koreans have special tradition when the baby ages first, (Korea’s age counting system starts from 1, as in if you are newborn, you’re 1 years old!), they open a traditional celebration with traditional food (Seaweed soup, fruits and ricecakes!) This celebration ‘decides’ baby’s fortune; parents gather …

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IOI Somi’s New Hair Color

IOI Somi surprised fans with her new hair color in the LG Twins baseball game on 25th of July. After her appearance in the public with her new hair color, the fans wondering whether her new hair color has to do with IOI’s unit comeback or not. Here are some pictures …

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