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B.A.P Live on World Tour 2016!

“The poster Beat N Bear is focused on Africa, because they’re going everywhere except Africa, and they’re displaying that sadness through this Africa continent on the poster” On the upcoming 22nd 12am, the fifth mini album ‘CARNIVAL’ will be released. They have also chosen their title song as ‘Feel so …

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6 Things every K-Pop fan can relate to

Staying up ’till midnight, waiting for new releases– For some of the international fans, staying up until 3 am is not very nice, especially when the Wi-Fi doesn’t work the minute the MV is supposed to be released.   Watching every live performance for the same song– This is probably …

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[HOT] TWICE reveals their Lunar New Year wishes!

  TWICE, who recently participated in SBS’ The Boss Is Watching revealed their Lunar New Year wishes to their boss JYP!  During the show, the TWICE members were asked if they had anything to say to their boss, JYP; the members immediately replied by saying, “We hope our president will give us a new Refrigerator and Television”. In order …

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The reason SNSD Taeyeon’s hair became short?

  Using Naver’s ‘V’ app, they planned a ‘ Taeyeon surprise LIVE!’ show. In one of the fan’s question, “Why did you cut your hair?”, Taeyeon confessed; “Despite how I told many people that I cut my hair because it was damaged, it was actually, and honestly because I tried self …

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SNSD SeoHyun’s acts in a upcoming musical “Mamma mia”

After the previous first muscial, ‘Moon embraces the Sun”, SNSD’s youngest member Seohyun is preparing for another musicals “Gone with the wind” and “Mamma mia”. . Seohyun lands a role on “Mamma mia”‘s Sophie along with the actors Park JiYeon and Kim GeumNa. Sophie is one of the main protagonist …

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Cube introduces a new girl group named “4MIMUTE”!

Cube is introducing a new girl group? Nope. However 4MINUTE’s own name has a spelling error in Cube Entertainment’s official website. Instead of reading as 4MINUTE, the name of the girl group was misspelled as 4MIMUTE. However the beautiful faces of the girls covered the minor flaw straight away, and therefore was not easily …

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[VIRAL] Netizens are shocked at Irene’s pre-debut photos

Red Velvet Irene had been famous since her pre-debut for good looking being claimed as Ulzzang. There also had been an episode where Joy told her parents that she can’t be a trainee when she saw Irene on her first day. Here are some photos before her debut: Popular comments: I never knew she …

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