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The New K-Pop Style: Disco Pants!

There’s currently a new fashion item which K-pop stars are all rushing to try on and use in their live performances: disco pants! Disco pants are high-waisted stretch pants made with nylon and other materials which give a shiny and slimming effect to the legs. The most famous ones are …

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[VIRAL] Hongki and Chanyeol’s reaction goes viral

Recently, photos of Hongki from FT Island and Chanyeol from EXO went viral as a comparison when they saw a foreign fan throwing her bra on to the stage. This kind of situation happened during Music Bank in Mexico to B.A.P and EXO, the staffs claimed that they had to film their performance again because of this.

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7 Best makeup cover from famous Youtubers

There are many Korean Youtubers who have great makeup skills, and their makeup looks exactly same as the celebrities. Check out their videos!! Exid Hani Hot Pink: BTS Jimin Dope: IU Twenty Three: Drama Who Are You: Exid Hani Up & Down: Red Velvet Irene Dumb Dumb: EXO Baekhyun:

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Same clothes, different style: Suzy vs Seohyun

This dress was worn by two different singers in this winter, who do you think looks better on this clothes? Suzy or Seohyun? Comment down below for your opinions!! Suzy wore her dress during her new movie promotion, and Seohyun wore her dress on MAMA in Hong Kong recently.

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[HOT] Netizens discovers the secret behind f(x)’s new logo!

f(x) will finally be holding their first concert since debut “f(x) the 1st concert DIMENSION 4-Docking Station” next January, and has recently released the posters for the concert; which amazed fans for how amazing it is.  This is one of the new concert posters from f(x). From its looks it is very obvious that it …

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MAMA 2015 Photo Bank

MAMA 2015 ended with great success and we at NowKPop know that you all would want to see some photos of your favourite K Pop stars at the event. We have sent a team to the MAMA this year and here are some photo albums for you to enjoy! MAMA waiting …

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[HOT] TOP 10 Korean Karaoke Music Chart in November

Korea is known for having the most Karaoke’s from the world. Most of the songs that are well sang and popular in Karaoke’s were usually famous for a long period of time, not only idol songs but also many other genres. 10th: 눈의 꽃 (Snow Flower) – Park Hyo Shin …

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Celebrities that look the same

Some celebrities are known for looking similar, here are some examples: Choi Ji-woo & Jo Kwon Kim A-Joong & Pei Kim Yoo-Jung & Jung Chang-Wook Jessica & Sin Bi IU & Shin Bong-Sun Jaejoong & Ji Chang-Wook Solji & Im Won-Hee Jang Keun-Suk & Lee Hong-Gi Kim Yoo-Jung & Joy …

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Great songs to listen to other than title songs!

Nowadays, many good songs are not as popular as many idols mainly focus on promoting their title songs. Here are some songs to listen to other than title songs: BEAST – 그곳에서 (At that Place) DAL SHABET – Rewind (리와인드) BROWN EYED GIRLS – Magic (매직) TAE YEON – Stress …

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