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BTS fans urge others not to mistreat BTS concert banners

BTS’ “HYYH On Stage: Epilogue” took place in Seoul on 7 and 8 May. Many fans were seen holding BTS support mini banners which were handed out at the concert venue. The text says, “We will always appreciate you all”. On a recent post on the Korean online community Pann, …

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OH MY GIRL to start their follow-up promotions with One Step Two Step!

OH MY GIRL,¬†who recently wrapped up promotions with LIAR LIAR¬†will be returning on stage once again with their follow-up single¬†One Step Two Step. One Step Two Step¬†is a dream-like track produced by girl group specialized producer¬†B1A4’s Jinyoung.¬†The lovely track expresses the hope for lovers to not break apart. Meanwhile¬†OH MY …

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BTS’ Fire hits 10 million views!

Congratulations to BTS for hitting 10 million views on the MV for Fire! Though its only been a few days since the MV came out, but the boys are staying on top of their game with the help of their amazing fans that will do anything to keep the boys’ …

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Minzy’s apology letter

Recently on Instagram Minzy, former member of 2NE1, posted a picture of a letter which consisted of an apology to all her fans, in the letter she stated that she knows how shocked the fans are hearing about her departure from 2NE1. She said, ” Hello, this is Minzy. It …

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Is Zhou Jie Qiong’s stage name “Zhou”?

I.O.I¬†who made their debut earlier the day with their debut title track¬†Dream Girls¬†has recently caught many attentions for¬†Zhou Jie Qiong’s¬†stage name. In YMC Entertainment’s¬†recent teaser image release,¬†Zhou Jie Qiong’s¬†stage name was stated as¬†Zhou¬†instead of her nickname¬†Pinky,¬†her birth name¬†Jieqiong¬†nor her Korean name¬†Kyeolkyung.¬†Will¬†Zhou Jie Qiong¬†end up having¬†Zhou¬†as her stage name? Meanwhile¬†I.O.I¬†will be …

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BTS is hot “Fire” in new MV!

BTS has finally released the MV “Fire” for their Special Album “HYYH Part 3: Young Forever“! The MV has showcased the energetic and young side of BTS, which matches with the title of their album perfectly! The song is great for parties and discos with its strong beat and BTS …

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JB makes an appearance at GOT7’s concert

Even after being diagnosed with spinal disc herniation, JB still goes to GOT7’s first concert which took place on April 29th, fans spilled many tears at the surprise appearance that JB made at the end of the concert, he wore his official concert shirt that he was supposed to perform …

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BTS fans accuse Big Hit Entertainment for not being considerate?

On a recent post on¬†Pann entitled, “But Big Hit is really not caring…”, a B¬†fan accused Big Hit Entertainment for not being considerate of BTS fans and setting the wrong dates for upcoming comeback activities. Here is a direct translation of the post: “I don’t even know what to think. …

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