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15 Best “Resting Bitch Faces” of Idols

The term “resting bitch face” is a term which is used when the neutral/expressionless facial expression of a person looks angry or annoyed but unintentionally. This term is usually used on girls, but on some males as well. Let’s look at which idols have this neutral face! Krystal- f(x)¬†   …

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BTS attended their dance instructor’s wedding!

Big Hit Entertainment‘s well-known performance instructor, Son Sung Deuk,recently settled down and got married! He is known to have choreographed all of BTS‘ hit songs, including “Danger“, “I Need You“, and “Run“. The boys were so sweet as to go and support their beloved teacher at his wedding! They also …

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Which idol came to visit the trainees of Produce 101?

On episode 9 of Mnet‘s “Produce 101” which was aired on 19 March, an idol came to visit some of the trainees of Produce 101! This caused a very shocking scene for all of the girls as this was totally unexpected. Who is this? It is B1A4‘s Jinyoung! He participated …

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GOT7‘s album spoiler is out, featuring 20 second snippets of¬†the¬†songs on the new album! The video emphasises the members’ involvement in¬†lyric-making and composing. Jackson’s missing from the line-up, but he did write¬†an¬†article on¬†STARCAST giving a¬†cheeky account of the album production process. Which song is making you feel fly?  

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[BREAKING] GOT7 “Fly” MV Teaser Out Now!

The MV teaser for GOT7‘s new title track “Fly”¬†is out! JYP is definitely teasing fans with this twenty second clip. The boys “flew” day and night in bright¬†jackets on an airport runway,¬†matching¬†the¬†song name. Which do you think are the signature moves? The album user guide was published yesterday, revealing the …

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[BREAKING] Super Junior’s Ryeowook confirms enlistment date!

One of the main vocalists of¬†Super Junior, Ryeowook, will be¬†the next idol that we have to say goodbye to this year as he¬†enlists for his mandatory military service. According to the result list,¬†Ryeowook¬†is accepted to the 35th division and will be enlisting on¬†June 14th, 2016, which is a week before …

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T-minus 5 days to GOT7 Comeback: “Fly” Photos Released

With the 6-minute album trailer leaving fans on the edge of their seats, GOT7¬†have released their third and final set of¬†album photos. JYP posted one set of photos per day in a build-up towards the official album and MV release this Sunday¬†(midnight 00:00 21 March). ¬†Sports jackets seem to be …

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Jiyoung returns as a singer in “Radio” and “I’m Just Not Into You”

KARA’s¬†former member Jiyoung¬†is finally returning¬†as a singer with her new songs “Radio” and “I’m Just Not Into You”!¬† With the announce of her solo debut back in December 2015,¬†Jiyoung¬†have been working hard towards her first release as a soloist.¬†Jiyoung¬†departed from¬†KARA¬†back in April 2014, since then she have been walking the …

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