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[Album Review] GFRIEND – ‘The Awakening – The 4th Mini Album’

Tracklist: 1. 바람의 노래 (Hear The Wind Sing) 2. Fingertip [Title Track] 3. 비행운: 飛行雲(Contrail) 4. 나의 지구를 지켜줘 (Please Save My Earth) 5. 봄비 (Rain In The Spring Time) 6. 핑 (Crush)   Tang Tang Tang! The long awaited GFRIEND comeback has finally happened! However, instead of the usual “Powerful Innocent” concept that …

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[Album Review] NCT 127 – ‘NCT #127 – The 1st Mini Album’

Tracklist: 1. 소방차 (Fire Truck) {Title} 2. Once Again (여름 방학) 3. Wake Up 4. Another World 5. Paradise 6. Mad City 7. Switch (Feat. SR15B) NCT 127, the second sub-unit of SM Entertainment’s new boy group NCT (Neo Cultural Technology)  has finally made their debut! Without further ado check out their debut mini album review below! 01. 소방차 …

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[Album Review] Red Velvet – ‘The Velvet – The 2nd Mini Album’

Tracklist: 1. 7월7일 (One Of These Nights) {Title} 2. Cool Hot Sweet Love 3. Light Me Up 4. 처음인가요 (First Time) 5. 장미꽃 향기는 바람에 날리고 (Rose Scent Breeze) 6. 7월 7일 (One Of These Nights) (De-Capo Ver.) 7. 7월 7일 (One Of These Nights) (Joe Millionaire Ver.) 8. 7월 7일 (One Of These Nights) …

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[Album Review] Ryeowook – ‘The Little Prince’

Tracklist: 1. Like A Star 2. 어린왕자 (The Little Prince) {Title} 3. 그대 (Hello) 4. 알 수도 있는 사람 (People you may know) 5. Foxy Girl (Feat. 딘딘) 6. 품 (POOM) The eternal maknae of Super Junior, Ryeowook, has finally made his long-awaited solo debut with his first mini album The Little Prince! His debut mini-album consists of six tracks …

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[Album Review] GFriend – ‘Snowflake’

Tracklist: 1. INTRO (SNOWFLAKE) 2. 시간을 달려서 (ROUGH) {Title} 3. 내 이름을 불러줘 (SAY MY NAME) 4. 사랑별 (LUV STAR) 5. 그런 날엔 (SOMEDAY) 6. TRUST 7. 시간을 달려서 (ROUGH) (inst.) Innocent rookie girl group GFriend is finally back after six months with their third mini album Snowflake. The six lovable girlfriends will once again transform into …

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[Single Review] APRIL – ‘Boing Boing’

Tracklist: 1. 유리성 (Glass Castle) 2. Muah! {Title} 3. Muah! (Inst.) April brought cuteness to the KPOP Industry in August 2015, with their debut mini album Dreaming. The title track Dream Candy is an up-tempo dance track which brings out the innocence of the young teenage girls. The girls are back once again after three months, with their …

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[Album Review] Nine Muses – ‘LOST’

Tracklist: 1. a.m. 3:00 2. 잠은 안오고 배는 고프고 (Sleepless Night) {Title} 3. 몰래 (Secret) 4. 쿵치딱치 (KOONG CHIT DAK CHIT) 5. TO. MINE {Bonus Track} 6. 잠은 안오고 배는 고프고 (Sleepless Night) (Inst.)  Lost ’til the night is over… Nine Muses returned with their fifth mini album “LOST”. The album consists of five different tracks filled with misery, yearns and sorrowful …

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[Album Review] IU – Chat-Shire

IU’s song ‘Knee’ is still a big hit among her fans and supporters. Her newest mini-album Chat – shire is attracting a positive attention from the audiences. IU’s song ‘Knee’ was composed with a gentle piano melody. On her showcase last month on the 23rd, she stated before singing; “The …

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[Album Review] Kyuhyun – ‘Fall, Once Again’

Tracklist: 1. 밀리언조각 (A Million Pieces) {Title Track} 2. 좋은사람 (Remember Me) 3. 긴 팔 (Autumn Sleeves) 4. 피아노 숲 (Piano Forest) 5. 그냥 보고 싶어 그래 (Because I Miss You) 6. 바람 (Wind) 7. 안녕의 방식 (Ways to Say Goodbye) Next generation Prince Ballad Kyuhyun is finally back with his second mini album “Fall, Once Again” including a total …

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