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[EXCLUSIVE] {Single Review} Super Junior D&E – Winter’s Love

Tracklist: 1. Winter’s Love As usual the Super Junior D&E releases an unexpected single during one of their shows. Like their previous Korean singles Growing Pain and Still You, the song tends to go for the depressed and sad side. 01) Winter’s Love This time the duo released a break up song named Winter’s …

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[Album Review] Super Junior – ‘Magic’

  Tracklist: 1. Magic {Title Track} 2. Devil {Title Track} 3. Simply Beautiful (Yesung, Kangin, Siwon, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun) 4. 놈, 놈, 놈 [You Got It] (Leeteuk, Heechul, Yesung, Eunhyuk. Donghae) 5. 도로시 [Dorothy] (Super Junior K.R.Y) 6. Sarang♥ (Leeteuk Heechul) 7. 별이 뜬다 [Star Appear…] 8. Good love 9. We Can (Super Junior K.R.Y) …

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[EXCLUSIVE] {Single Review} Playback – I Wonder

The 4 talented girls of PLAYBACK has made their awaited return with their second single album “I Wonder” featuring Eric Nam! The song talks about a man and a woman who has a similar dating appereance. They often wonder if their one and only is closer to them than what they think. With a mixture …

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[Album review] Hello Venus – “I’m ill”

Track List: 1. I’m ill 2. Show Window 3. Whatcha Talk About 4. Chameleon 5.I’m ill (Club Remix) Hello Venus is finally making their awaited comeback after six months with their fifth mini album “I’m ill”! The mini album composes of five tracks, first being the title track “I’m ill”. I’m ill is dance pop track composed by Brave …

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[Album Review] Apink- Pink Memory

Tracklist: 1. Remember 2. Perfume 3. 끌려 (Attractive) 4. Dejavu 5. 꽃잎점 (Petal of flower) 6. What A Boy Wants 7. I DO 8. 신기하죠 (Fascinating) 9. Remember Inst 10. 새끼손가락 (Promise U) The album comes in two different versions, “Red” and “White”, and consists of one random random type of photocard out of the 14 …

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[Album Review] Super Junior – ‘Devil’

Tracklist: 1. Devil {Title Track} 2. Simply Beautiful 3. 별이 뜬다 [Star Appear…] 4. Good love 5. We Can (Super Junior K.R.Y) 6. Don’t Wake Me Up (Super Junior D&E) 7. 첫눈에 반했습니다 [Love At First Sight] (Super Junior-T) 8. 每天 [Everyday] (Super Junior-M) 9. Rock’n Shine! 10.Alright Super Junior is …

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[Album Review] Girls’ Generation – ‘Party’

Track List: 1. Party 2. Check 3. Party (Instrumental.)   Girl’s Generation is finally making their long awaited comeback after a year and four months with their second single album “Party”! The single album composes of three tracks, first being the title track “Party”. Party is dance pop track composed by Albi Albertsson, Chris Young and Agnes Shin; …

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{EXCLUSIVE} Title Track review for ‘D’ album Big Bang

We’ve waited for yet another month, and now, Big Bang has released their D album! The title tracks for this album is ‘Sober’ and ‘If You’. The album also contains the 4 other songs that were previously released two months ago and the instrumental tracks for ‘Sober and ‘If You’. …

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{EXCLUSIVE} Title Track review Kara’s Cupid

Kara has finally performed their comeback stage with their newest title track “Cupid” on the 2015 Dream Concert. This will mark their first domestic return in seven months. This comeback, Kara decides to keep their Mamamia concept, therefore showing the sexy side of them. Their title track “Cupid”, is a catchy …

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