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MOMOLAND comeback stage

MOMOLAND made their comeback stage on ‘The Show’. They presented two songs, ‘너, 어느 별에서 왔니?What Planet Are You From?’ and ‘꼼짝마 Freez’.  

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NCT DREAM comeback stage

NCT is a uniqe group. The word NCT stands for Neo Culture Technology. It discribe the concept of the group that has unlimited number og members divided into multiple sub- units based in various cities around the world. NCT has 3 different unit group: NCT U, NCT 127 and NCT DREAM.   …

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Hye Yeon (혜연) and Mina (미나) is coming with their new song ‘Ice Chu’. They are coming back with a unit group called GUGUDAN oguogu. This is a single album thus it contains only one song.   Within the team, Hye Yeon is represented with the number 5 (오, o) while Mina …

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Weki Meki ‘I don’t like your girlfriend’ M/V

Weki Meki (as known as WEME)’s first music video is released! The title song is called ‘I don’t like your girlfriend’.           Moreover, they presented ‘Stay with me’ during their debut stage.         They made their debut on August 10, 2017 on M …

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Girl’s generation (SNSD)’s comeback stage

Girl’s generation (SNSD) is coming back for their 10th anniversary! They are back with their 6th official album ‘Holiday night’. They got two title song of ‘Holiday’ and ‘All night’ They made their come back show on M Count Down!     All night:             …

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Wanna One ‘Burn it up’ M/V and debut stage

Wanna One made their official debut on August 10, 2017. The music video for Burn it up is now released (This is the extended version of the music video)         Also, the debut stage of ‘Burn it up’ is also presented at M Count Down! Make sure …

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Wanna One ‘Energetic’ M/V and debut stage

Wanna One made their official debut with two different songs. The very first song is Energetic. They made their debut stage at M CountDown on August 10, 2017.               The music video is also released:                

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Samuel’s debut stage at ‘M CountDown’

Samuel made his solo debut through ‘M Count Down’ yesterday, August 3 2017. He presented two stage with his title song ‘Sixteen’ and ‘With U’. All the performance was presented as live. Moreover, Chung Ha from ‘PRODUCE 101 season 1’ join the ‘With U’ stage as a feat.     …

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