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Concert Specials

BigBang TAEYANG’s concert/ world tour starts next month

Big Bang ‘TAEYANG’ is¬†¬†helding a solo concert next month. This is the very first concert to start his world tour ‘White Night’. Taeyang is going to travel 19 different countries to held his world tour concert. Winner is going to be the opening quest of the concert.   Details about …

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BTS special music video’Come back home_ Seotaiji’

                              ‘Come back home’ is a song of Seotaiji, first¬†generation idol group of K Pop. To celebrate their 25th anniversary, Seotaiji is helding a project ‘ŪÉÄžěĄ: Ū䳎ěėŽłĒŽü¨ (Time: traveler)’. Seotaiji chooses junior idol groups to remake …

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BTS to remake Seo Taiji’s song

Seo Taiji is going to have their 25th anniversary concert on September 2. They are starting a new project of choosing junior singers to remake their song for the concert. BTS is the first junior singer to participate in this project while the next junior singer is still hidden. BTS …

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Lovelyz is having their second concert ‘Alwayz’

‘2017 Lovelyz concert <Alwayz>’ Lovelyz is soon going to meet their fans with their second concert ‘Alwayz’   Details about the concert: Who: Lovelyz What:¬†Second concert When: July 29th to 30th¬†5pm¬†Korean time Where:¬†Seoul Olympic Park, Olympic Hall, Korea   Please join and support their concert with love and care!  

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T-ARA’s showcase video

T-ARA Eun Jung, Hyo Min, Ji Yeon and Kyu Ri have presented their 13th mini album showcase on Seoul today, June 14th. They’ve also presented their solo songs, ‘Real Love’, ‘Ooh La La’, ‘Lullaby’ and ¬†‘Diamond’. The video for the showcase: http://tv.naver.com/v/1772473  

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[HOT] Yesung’s first solo concert tickets sells out within 1 minute!

  Yesung¬†who recently wrapped up his solo debut promotions with his first mini album¬†Here I Am,¬†has recently made some great achievements. High demand of the artist was once again proven as around 4620 solo concert tickets were sold out within a minute.¬†Yesung’s¬†solo concert tickets went on sale yesterday at 20:00 …

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