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Wanna One teaser movie

Unike the previous teaser movie (which got 11 teaser movie with individual performance), this teaser movie has all 11 members in one video   #워너원 #윤지성 #하성운 #황민현 #옹성우 #김재환 #강다니엘 #박지훈 #박우진 #배진영 #이대휘 #라이관린 #Wanna One #Yoon Ji Sung #Ha Sung Woon #Hwang Min Hyun #Ong Sung Woo …

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Wanna One will be on Weekly Idol

Last June 28 on ‘주간 아이돌, Weekly Idol’, Jung Hyung Don (the host of the program) danced ‘나야나, Pick Me’. He said “Kang Daniel, are you watching?” and showed his expectation of having Wanna One as a guest. Wanna One accepted Jung Hyung Don’s love call and made their schedule …

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‘PRODUCE 101’, the final 11 to debut

Kang Daniel (강다니엘) Park Ji-hoon (박지훈) Lee Dae-hwi (이대휘) Kim Jae-Hwan (김재환) Ong Seong-wu (옹성우) Park Wu-Jin (박우진) Lai Kuan-lin (라이관린) Yun Ji- Sung (윤지성) Hwang Min Hyun (황민현) Bae Jin- Young (배진영) Ha Sung-un (하성운) source: mnet

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Produce 101 Season 2 3rd Elimination

On Friday 9th June, Mnet Aired the second last episode of Produce 101 Season 2. In this episode, the elimination will cut 15 trainees from 35 (unlike last year which they only cut 13 trainees) . The remaining 20 trainees will split into two teams and perform two songs called …

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Produce 101 Season 2 Second Elimination (Week 7 Ranking)

Produce 101 Season 2 Episode 8 was aired on May 26th 23:00KST and this week the remaining 58 trainees will be receiving their concepts for next week’s concept evaluation. The different concepts are as follows: 1. “Show Time” (Nu-Disco) 2. “I Know You Know”  (Synth Pop/Funk) 3. “Open Up” (Future …

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Here are the rankings for the 6th week of PRODUCE 101 season 2!! Kim Jong Hyun (김종현) Kang Daniel (강다니엘) Park Ji-hoon (박지훈) Hwang Min Hyun (황민현) Lai Kuan-lin (라이관린) Ong Seong-wu (옹성우) Kim Jae-Hwan (김재환) Kang Dog-Ho (강동호) Joo Hak-nyeon (주학년) Lee Dae-hwi (이대휘) Yu Seon-ho (유선호) VOTE FOR YOUR BOY!! …

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Here are the rankings for the 4th week of PRODUCE 101 season 2!! Park Ji-hoon (박지훈) Arredondo Samuel (김사무엘) Yoon Ji-seong (윤지성) Ong Seong-wu (옹성우) Kang Daniel (강다니엘) Ahn Heong-seop (안형섭) Lee Dae-hwi (이대휘) Kim Jong Hyun (김종현) Lai Kuan-lin (라이관린) Joo Hak-nyeon (주학년) Hwang Min Hyun (황민현)   VOTE …

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Kang Daniel and Kim Dong-Bin, getting penalties from Mnet

    Both Kang Daniel (강다니엘) and Kim Dong- Bin were accused for cheating and influencing his fans to vote for their preferred concept songs on SNS platform. Kang Daniel directly expressed his will of having ‘song #4: Never’ by changing the number ‘cat emoticons’ on his profile message. (for details please …

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Kang Daniel(Rank 5) apologizes for his actions

Kang Daniel, rank 5, is accused for cheating.   Unlike the previous season of ‘Produce 101 season 1’, in the ‘Produce 101 season 2’, the national producers are given with the chance to match trainees with the concept songs. Songs will be assigned to the trainees according to the number …

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