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Twice a day !

2 daily special updates for JYPE’s rookie girl group ‘Twice’!

TWICE video calls Somi in their newest episode of TWICE Private Life!

TWICE who will be making their comeback on April 25th with their second mini album Cheer Up, recently took the time and video called Somi who managed to debut as the center of I.O.I!  In the video the TWICE members were seen calling Somi in the waiting room congratulating her for her debut! Meanwhile Somi will be debuting as the center of CJ …

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TWICE spotted filming for their new comeback MV?

After many reports have said that TWICE will be having their comeback in April, this is now almost certainly confirmed after someone spotted TWICE filming at a sports stadium in South Korea! Although what type of song they were dancing to was not specified, the 9 members can be seen wearing cute …

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[HOT] TWICE reveals their Lunar New Year wishes!

  TWICE, who recently participated in SBS’ The Boss Is Watching revealed their Lunar New Year wishes to their boss JYP!  During the show, the TWICE members were asked if they had anything to say to their boss, JYP; the members immediately replied by saying, “We hope our president will give us a new Refrigerator and Television”. In order …

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[HOT] TWICE prepares the best birthday for Sana!

First things first Happy Birthday to our adorable Sana!  Having been born in December 29, 1996, Sana will be turning 19 today! As it is Sana’s birthday, the TWICE members took some time and prepared the most creative Ice Cream Cake for her! Check it out above! While you enjoy the beautiful view of the cake, make …

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Fans praise TWICE Jihyo for her amazing weight loss

On the Korean online community Pann, a netizen made a post about the TWICE‘s Jihyo. This netizen stated that Jihyo got a lot prettier now than during her participation in the girl-group survival show “SIXTEEN“. The post goes like this: “Twice’s Jihyo got tons of hate for being fat from …

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TC Candler reveals most beautiful faces of 2015

The US Entertainment website TC Candler now has a new list of the “The 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2015”, featuring women from all around the world and of different nationalities. Of course, many Korean celebrities appeared on the list as well! Let’s take a look at who was featured! …

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[Snow Time!] Best 5 Christmas remixes from Christmas Day’s Music Bank!

(Not in any particular order) 1. GFriend – Me Gustas Tu After making a successful debut earlier on the year with Glass Bead, GFriend splashed another comeback in the summer with their second mini album Flower Bud. The title track Me Gustas Tu is a powerful yet upbeat dance track which describes the girls’ cute confession to …

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TWICE come together to fight monsters for gaming app “Elsword”

TWICE are handling many CFs recently in after just 2 months of their debut and now they are endorsing for the gaming app “Elsword”! Elsword is designed by the South Korean company KOG Studios. It features real-time action playing, graphic characters, and even player vs. player modes! In the short …

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Is Tzuyu the next Hyuna?

Tzuyu recently endorsed for LG U+ along with two other members of TWICE. In one of the short adverts, Tzuyu dances sexily in the elevator, showing off her perfect figure. This is the first time we ever see Tzuyu this sexy, and many fans are starting to think if Taiwan’s …

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