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6 Things every K-Pop fan can relate to

Staying up ’till midnight, waiting for new releases– For some of the international fans, staying up until 3 am is not very nice, especially when the Wi-Fi doesn’t work the minute the MV is supposed to be released.   Watching every live performance for the same song– This is probably …

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Produce 101 trainers are moved to tears by Kim So Hye

Episode 4 of Mnet‘s Girl Group survival program ‘Produce 101‘ was broadcasted on 12 February. Trainee Kim So-Hye from Redline seemed to be lacking in singing and dancing skills, because she is from an acting company. She was to participate in a group with 4 other girls performing Wonder Girls‘ …

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SNSD SeoHyun’s acts in a upcoming musical “Mamma mia”

After the previous first muscial, ‘Moon embraces the Sun”, SNSD’s youngest member Seohyun is preparing for another musicals “Gone with the wind” and “Mamma mia”. . Seohyun lands a role on “Mamma mia”‘s Sophie along with the actors Park JiYeon and Kim GeumNa. Sophie is one of the main protagonist …

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G-Friend releases 2nd teaser for ‘Rough’!

G-Friend is coming back with ‘Rough’ and has just released their 2nd teaser! The girls tease fans with a sneak peek of their clock dance motif, and things sure seem to be quite chilly as G-Friend ride bicycles with the snow falling. Compared to their past concepts, which were more happy …

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Top 13 airport fashionistas

Airport fashion is one of the most important topics discussed by fans and celebrities. When celebrities arrive or leave the airport, what they wear can become a huge topic amongst netizens, so they must choose what they wear very carefully. Here are the top 13 stars with the best airport …

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The 100 Most Handsome Faces of 2015 revealed by TC Candler

Along with the other list “The 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2015” featuring women from all other the world, the US Entertainment website TC Candler now has a new list of the “The 100 Most Handsome Faces of 2015” featuring men of different races and nationalities from all other the world! Many Korean men …

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Btob Sungjae covers Junsu’s ‘Yesterday’

Sungjae from Btob  covered Junsu‘s ‘Yesterday’ for I’ll be your melody season 3. Sungjae has claimed that he always loved this song and wanted to make a cover of it. Check out the video from the link below:  

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7 Best makeup cover from famous Youtubers

There are many Korean Youtubers who have great makeup skills, and their makeup looks exactly same as the celebrities. Check out their videos!! Exid Hani Hot Pink: BTS Jimin Dope: IU Twenty Three: Drama Who Are You: Exid Hani Up & Down: Red Velvet Irene Dumb Dumb: EXO Baekhyun:

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