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TWICE’s Dance Machine Momo Covers G-Friend, f(x), Lovelyz, and more!

On a recent live broadcast from the V app, TWICE‘s dancing machine Momo did dance covers for numerous songs. These include G-Friend‘s new comeback ‘Rough‘, Lovelyz‘s ‘Ah-Choo‘, f(x)‘s ‘4 Walls‘, and Red Velvet‘s ‘Dumb Dumb‘! She noted that she spent a lot of time preparing for this live broadcast for …

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Lovelinus sneezed 4 million views for Lovelyz’s Ah-Choo!

Congratulations to Lovelyz, as they have surpassed 4 million views cumulatively (1theK + wooliment)! Lovelyz have been receiving a lot of love and support, not only charting high on music charts but also surpassing millions of views for their music videos. Meanwhile the group is busy promoting their title track (For …

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Lovelyz releases an official dance practice for Ah-Choo!

Lovelyz is back with us again with their official dance practice video for their newest title track Ah-Choo. In their newest dance practice video the eight Lovelyz showcased their innocence through their synchronize dance moves, wowing their fans. Meanwhile the eight Lovelyz are currently busy promoting their newest track on various music shows in Korea. …

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Lovelyz sneezed a million views out for Ah-Choo!

Congratulations to Lovelyz, as they have finally hit 1 million views for their first ever comeback music video as a group of 8 in 2 weeks! Meanwhile the song Ah-Choo have been receiving a lot of love and support from the public, charting within top 15 on all music shows in Korea!  …

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[TRENDING] Lovelyz finally gets to perform as a full group!

Lovelyz’s fans are ecstatic as Seo Jisoo finally made her debut with the group today on Mnet’s M! Countdown!  Due to a controversial rumour of Jisoo raping and assaulting numerous females, Jisoo was unable to make her debut with the group last year with the track Candy Jelly Love. As the rumours were clarified, people who spread …

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Check out Lovelyz’s newly released dance practice for Ah-Choo!

Just before Lovelyz released their music video and came back as a group of 8 for Ah-Choo! The girls has showcased their first Ah-Choo stage on the VAPP with their dance practice video. If you missed the live broadcast of VAPP, no worries as fans uploaded the dance practice on YouTube! Without …

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Lovelyz – “Ah-Choo” Fanchant

Ah-Choo 응원법 맛있는 걸 해주고 싶은 그런 사람이 난 생겼어 (류수정) 아직 요리는 잘 못하지만 나 연습하고 있어요 (정예인) 나 그댈 위해 몰래 감춰놓은 애교도 있는 걸 (김지연) 매일 지루하지 않게 웃게 해줄 텐데 (이미주) 너는 내 맘 모르지 ah-choo (ah-choo) 널 보면 재채기가 나올 것 같아너만 보면 해주고픈 얘기가 참 …

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Lovelyz is finally back as a group of 8 for Ah-Choo!

Lovelyz is finally back as a group of 8 for Ah-Choo! Like their previous concepts, the girl are dressed in cute skirts for their music video, while showing their innocence and cute charms through Ah-Choo! Without further ado Ah-Choo with the 8 girls of Lovelyz!  

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