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15 Best “Resting Bitch Faces” of Idols

The term “resting bitch face” is a term which is used when the neutral/expressionless facial expression of a person looks angry or annoyed but unintentionally. This term is usually used on girls, but on some males as well. Let’s look at which idols have this neutral face! Krystal- f(x)¬†   …

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[HOT] Yezi revealed dates for her official solo debut and FIESTAR’s comeback!

Yezi,¬†who recently released her pre-release single¬†Crazy Dog (feat San.E)¬†will finally be making her official solo debut next month. In a recent interview¬†Yezi¬†did, she revealed plans on her official solo debut and¬†FIESTAR’s¬†new album. She stated “After the release of my solo album in January, along with my other group members,¬†I’ll be …

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FIESTAR’s Cao Lu shows off her tongue-twister skills!

Learning another foreign language is not easy, and being a foreign¬†member of a Korean group is difficult, but being able to do both is even more difficult! On 16 December on MBC Entertainment‘s ‘Radio Star‘, FIESTAR‘s Chinese member Cao Lu appeared on the show and impressed the MCs by saying …

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The New K-Pop Style: Disco Pants!

There’s currently a new fashion item which K-pop stars are all rushing to try on and use in their live performances: disco pants! Disco pants are high-waisted stretch pants made with nylon and other materials which give a shiny and slimming effect to the legs. The most famous ones are …

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FIESTAR to comeback + Yezi to have a solo debut!

It has been a while since we last heard from¬†FIESTAR,¬†but good news to¬†Let’s¬†as¬†FIESTAR¬†will be coming back very soon. With¬†Yezi’s¬†sudden rise of popularity due to¬†Unpretty Rapstar,¬†many questioned about her solo debut as well as¬†FIESTAR’s¬†comeback. And the good news is… LOEN has recently announced saying that Yezi¬†is currently aiming for her solo …

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(From Left to Right (TOP): Yezi, Hyemi, Linzy) (BOTTOM): (Jei, Cao Lu) FIESTAR¬†(Korean:ŪĒľžóźžä§ŪÉÄ) is a South Korean girl group under¬†LOEN Entertainment. The members consist of¬†Cao Lu, Jei, Linzy, Hyemi¬†and¬†Yezi.¬†They officially debuted as a six member girl group with the release of their first single¬†Vista¬†on August 31, 2012; and held their …

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