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Ladies’ Code releases acoustic version of Galaxy!

Ladies’ Code, who came back after two years with their first single album MY3TRY has released an acoustic version of their newest title track Galaxy!  Galaxy is a dreamlike song that features a mysterious concept and Ladies Code’s soft vocals. The song talks about a star who is lost in space, and its desires to be saved …

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Ladies’ Code (레이디스 코드) – “Galaxy” Fanchant (응원법)

Galaxy 응원법 별이 눈뜰 때 나를 비추네 Oh hi you there 나를 알아줘 언덕에 오를게 손 흔들고 미소 짓는 날 제발 구해줘 (이소정) 달을 가른 별 춤추는 심장 (김주미) 시간이 되었어 (고마워) 나만 아는 우리 둘의 비밀스런 신호 안녕 기다렸어 (기다렸어김주미) 날 데려가 줄래 To the galaxy (데려가줘갤력시) (Mayday) 끝없는 Emergency …

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