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Idol Jackson Wang of GOT7 was unfortunately was involved in a car accident and was also injured when he was on his way to the airport on Thursday Sept. 1st. People snapped some pictures of Jackson being escorted by a staff member where he was holding his back in pain. …

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miss A introduces two “new members” in their recent performance!

  miss A is back with two “new members”! During their recent performance on JYP NATION the group introduced two new male members named Jo Kwon and Bam Bam; along with their “new members” the group performed their hit track Hush in a brand new way, wowing all their fans! Meanwhile you can check out JYP’s reaction to the performance above!

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GOT7’s JB attends his first event after injury

After being injured with herniated spinal disc, the leader of GOT7 comes back to attend a recent fan meeting! JB attended the K-live Mwave MEET&GREET with the other GOT7 members on May 19, JB cheerfully took part in the event interacting with all of their supporting fans. Sources say that JB will …

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JB makes an appearance at GOT7’s concert

Even after being diagnosed with spinal disc herniation, JB still goes to GOT7’s first concert which took place on April 29th, fans spilled many tears at the surprise appearance that JB made at the end of the concert, he wore his official concert shirt that he was supposed to perform …

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GOT7’s JB gets injured

JB, leader and member of GOT7 recently had to visit the hospital because of a hip injury.  JB was taken to the hospital on Thursday because he had severe waist pain, which later turned out to be a medical condition known as spinal disc herniation, it’s a damage to the …

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GOT7 (갓세븐) – “Home Run (홈런)” Fanchant (응원법)

홈런 응원법 (앞에 8박자 흘려보내기 – 함성) 갓세븐 사랑해 홈런 대박 미스테리한 너의 신호에 Missed it, 난 자꾸 헛스윙 해 Ooh­ooh baby Ooh­ooh baby 어디로 튈지 모르겠어 넌 변화구처럼 어려워 Ooh­ooh baby Ooh­ooh baby 모든 감각이 살아나 민감해졌어 니가 날 안받아줄까 걱정이 되서 정신을 집중해 니 말 한마디에 One last …

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[HOT] GOT7 achieves an all kill for all music shows!

GOT7 who recently returned with their fifth mini album “FLIGHT LOG : DEPARTURE” has been receiving a lot of attention from the public. With a fantastic result on physical album charts, the group managed to defeat their opponents and achieve a total of four wins on both national networks and cable TV network; …

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GOT7 (갓세븐) – “See The Light (빛이나)” Fanchant (응원법)

빛이나 응원법 (2min version) 니가 너무 예뻐서 그래(GOT7) 니가 너무 예뻐서 그래(빛이나) 나는 너만 보면 원래(GOT7) 나는 너한테만 더 그래(사랑해) 빛이나 너의 얼굴 몸매 굳이 과시하지마 뭐해 더 빠져들어가 너한테(GOT7) 미쳤나 모든게 완벽해 딴 남자 앞에선 차갑게 내 앞에서만 솔직하게 해 해줘(빛이나/해와 해줘 사이에 시작) 가끔 난 걱정해 넌 너무 …

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