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BREAKING: Both agencies confirm JYJ Junsu & EXID’s Hani’s break up news!

JYJ’s Junsu¬†and¬†EXID’s Hani¬†revealed to have broken up after a year of relationship! According to Junsu’s Entertainment agency, C-Jes Entertainment, the couple have broken up due to busy schedules; and it was later confirmed by¬†Hani’s¬†Entertainment agency Banana Culture with an official statement stating, “It is true that Hani and Junsu broke …

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9 Stars who shine even brighter with this latest fashion trend

Off shoulder’s are the latest fashion trend of summer 2016, and many celebrities and stars have been taking on this trending look in their casual wear and to multiple events too. In korean, it is called “žė§ŪĒĄžąĄŽćĒ” which literally sounds like “off shoulder”. Off shoulder shirts and dresses can draw …

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8 idols who take extraordinary selfies!

Selfies, known as¬†žÖÄžĻī¬†in Korean (sel-ca), are quite important to idols who want to interact with their fans everyday! Many idols are known to take terrible selcas which make them look worse rather than better, but there are some exceptionals! Let’s check out which idols take absolutely amazing selcas that make …

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Top 10 Visuals of Girl-groups chosen by females

Many females users on the Korean social network site Enter-Talk recently participated in a survey asking them to vote for the top 10 visuals in female idol groups. These were the results from the survey: 1st– Miss A -> Suzy (Translation:¬†Of course Suzy) 2nd– f(x) -> Krystal (Translation: To be …

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Timberland- Idols love it!

Timberland has been a very famous brand, known for its fashionable and comfortable clothing and shoes. The most famous of its products would probably be this pair of boots in its most classic colour costing at¬†ÔŅ¶258,000. Many Korean idols and stars have been seen to be wearing it either in …

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[HOT] EXID’s Hani writes emotional congratulatory words for Solji!

First things first Happy Birthday¬†to¬†Solji!¬† Solji¬†have been working hard in the past year with group activities, as well as her solo activities. Appearing in shows, proving Kpop fans her amazing vocal skills. As today is¬†Solji’s¬†birthday,¬†EXID¬†member¬†Hani¬†took some time and wrote an emotional congratulatory word, which will definitely make all of you …

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Hani used to be bullied in her high school??

It is surprising to hear that¬†Exid Hani used to be bullied during high school. One person posted on her blog saying that she went to same high school with¬†Hani¬†and many people were jealous of her. She was accused of having plastic surgery and some students even wrote that she did …

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