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Triple H Profile

Triple H (Ū䳎¶¨ŪĒĆ H) From Left to Right:¬†Hoe Taek (Hui), Hyun ah (HyunA), Hyo Jung (E’Dawn) Triple H is a 3 member trio under Cube Entertainment, composing of singer HyunA as well as Pentagon members Lee¬†Hoe Taek (Hui) and Kim Hyo Jung (E’Dawn).¬†So far, they have released 1 mini-album named …

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HyunA wins August 11th’s M! Countdown!

M! Countdown¬†is back with another hour of great shows! On this episode I.O.I’s¬†first sub-unit makes their hot debut with¬†Whatta Man (Good Man), Jun. K¬†h¬†Think About You¬†in his comeback stage, HyunA¬†is back with¬†How’s This?¬†and¬†J-Min¬†is back with¬†Ready For Your Love.¬† The #1 nominees for today’s episode were¬†OH MY GIRL¬†and¬†HyunA¬†however it was HyunA¬†who …

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9 Stars who shine even brighter with this latest fashion trend

Off shoulder’s are the latest fashion trend of summer 2016, and many celebrities and stars have been taking on this trending look in their casual wear and to multiple events too. In korean, it is called “žė§ŪĒĄžąĄŽćĒ” which literally sounds like “off shoulder”. Off shoulder shirts and dresses can draw …

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Hyuna’s massively improved vocals shock fans

Hyuna appeared on Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook to promote her new comeback “How’s This“. She also performed her two previous solo hits “Bubble Pop” and “Red“. Fans say that they were extremely impressed how good her vocals were during the singing parts in “Bubble Pop” and how much they have …

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HyunA’s reality show “HyunA’s X19” to start broadcasting on August 16th!

Earlier today¬†MBC every1¬†announced that¬†HyunA¬†will have her first reality show “HyunA’s X19″¬†broadcasted on¬†August 16th, 2016!¬† According to officials this show will showcase the various different sides of¬†HyunA,¬†allowing fans to look at the times when¬†HyunA’s¬†touched, when¬†HyunA’s¬†sad and many more. In addition¬†HyunA¬†will also be revealing the interior of her house for the first …

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HyunA’s new track “How?” to have a strong hip-hop influence to it

HyunA¬†who will officially be making her awaited solo comeback with her fifth mini album A’wesome¬†has revealed more details on her upcoming title track! Her new title track¬†How?¬†will once again be well-known producer¬†Seo Jae Woo¬†who also produced¬†HyunA’s¬†Red¬†and¬†Roll Deep.¬†How?¬†however will differ from¬†HyunA’s¬†previous tracks as it will contain elements of trap and hip-hop …

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8 idols who take extraordinary selfies!

Selfies, known as¬†žÖÄžĻī¬†in Korean (sel-ca), are quite important to idols who want to interact with their fans everyday! Many idols are known to take terrible selcas which make them look worse rather than better, but there are some exceptionals! Let’s check out which idols take absolutely amazing selcas that make …

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