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iKON reveals MVs for ‘BLING BLING’ and ‘B-DAY’

iKON is back with ‘BLING BLING’ and ‘B-DAY’, the title tracks for their new album ‘New Kids: Begin’, with many new features such as new stage names for members JinHwan (Jay), Chanwoo (Chan), Donghyuk (DK) and Yunhyeong (Song). Similarly, the album is now released and available for purchase! Enjoy!

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iKON playlist: Some of the great hidden songs from iKON

iKON is famous for their uniqueness and amazing song producing mainly from their leader,¬†B.I.. Not only their well known songs, but a lot of hidden songs in their album are amazing to listen to. So here are 10 songs recommended for K-pop fans: 1. Climax¬†(Team B from¬†Win who is next) …

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iKON IS COMING TO TOWN! [Hong Kong: Extra Tickets]

CALLING ALL iKONICS in Hong Kong! iKON is coming to town on this Saturday! iKON will be bringing their iKONCERT : SHOWTIME TOUR to Hong Kong this Saturday night at 8PM in Asia World Expo! To all the fans that didn’t have a chance to get the tickets the first …

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15 Best “Resting Bitch Faces” of Idols

The term “resting bitch face” is a term which is used when the neutral/expressionless facial expression of a person looks angry or annoyed but unintentionally. This term is usually used on girls, but on some males as well. Let’s look at which idols have this neutral face! Krystal- f(x)¬†   …

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iKON’s Bobby shows off his hip-hop feels for W Korea

iKON‘s powerful rapper Bobby recently posed for W Korea‘s Magazine photo shoot! Bobby shows off his hip-hop rapper feels in this photoshoot; we even get to see some of his English handwritten scribbled on top of these photos! Some of these phrases include “…person like Michael…”, “Making songs that never …

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iKON wins January 28th’s M! Countdown!

M! Countdown¬†is back with an hour of great show from your favorite artists! For today’s episode¬†Ryeowook¬†made his long awaited solo debut¬†with¬†The Little Prince, Yezi¬†debuted with¬†Cider, IMFACT¬†eats a¬†Lollipop¬†for their debut,¬†POONGDENG2 debuts with¬†PPIPPIPPAPPA, GFriend¬†returned with¬†Rough,¬†and¬†Shin Hye Sung made his goodbye stage with Roco Drama! The nominees for today’s episode were Teen Top¬†and …

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[HOT] Bobby and B.I will be on Happy Together!

It is surprising to hear that two members from¬†Ikon,¬†Bobby and¬†B.I.¬†will be on Happy Together along with¬†Sandra Park. There will also be¬†actress¬†Kyung Soojin,¬†designer¬†Hwang Jaegun ¬†and¬†Kim Dokyoon.¬†Fans are excited to see¬†Ikon¬†on another variety show after Running Man and it is announced that they will on the show for the Christmas special on …

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[BREAKING] Ikon and Seolhyun will be on Running Man!!

It is surprising to hear that Seolhyun from¬†AOA and B.I and Bobby from Ikon are currently filming for the new episode on Korea’s Variety show¬†Running Man!! Are you excited for the new episode which will be showing on the 20th December? Make sure to check out!

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IKON grabs first from Inkigayo by “Apology”!

Ikon grabbed their #1 trophy from Inkigayo. Even though there was no live show of today’s performance due to last week’s live show was cancelled,¬†the winner of today was showed from its homepage in SBS. From today’s broadcast,¬†Ikon¬†performed “Apology” and “Anthem”¬†which are both bonus tracks from the album¬†Welcome Back. It …

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