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Red Velvet teaser image of IRENE and YERI

SM Entertainment has released the ‘teaser image’ of Irene through their official website (link: redvelvet.smtown.com). This¬†album ‘The summer’ contains five songs. The title song is called the ‘Red flavor’. As the teaser image of Irene is released, the interview and a concept photo of Irene has been replaced to Yeri’s …

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RED VELVET is coming back soon!

Red Velvet is coming back with summer mini album ‘The Red Summer’. The album contains 5 songs and the title¬†song ‘Red Flavor(ŽĻ®ÍįĄ Žßõ)’ is going to be released on July 9th through ‘Melon’, ‘Ginie’ and ‘Naver Music’. Track List ŽĻ®ÍįĄ Žßõ (Red Flavor) You Better Know Zoo žó¨Ž¶Ą ŽĻõ (Mojito) …

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Irene’s skin is getting worse and worse?

Red Velvet‘s popularity and number of fans is rising at a quick pace, and the members’ workload are piling up as well. Fans say that Irene‘s skin is getting worse and in a very bad condition due to too much work and a lack of sleep. Here is a direct …

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Happy Birthday to Red Velvet’s Irene!

Happy Birthday to Red Velvet’s¬†Irene!¬† As the clock strikes midnight in Korea,¬†Red Velvet’s leader Irene¬†will be celebrating her 26th birthday (Korean Birthday)! Irene¬†have been bringing us a lot of smiles with her cheesy hosting of Music Bank Park Bo Gum, as well as her talented rapping in her group. We …

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Top 10 Visuals of Girl-groups chosen by females

Many females users on the Korean social network site Enter-Talk recently participated in a survey asking them to vote for the top 10 visuals in female idol groups. These were the results from the survey: 1st– Miss A -> Suzy (Translation:¬†Of course Suzy) 2nd– f(x) -> Krystal (Translation: To be …

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[VIRAL] Netizens are shocked at Irene’s pre-debut photos

Red Velvet Irene¬†had been famous since her pre-debut for good looking being claimed as¬†Ulzzang. There also had been an episode where¬†Joy told her parents that she can’t be a trainee when she saw¬†Irene on her first day. Here are some photos before her debut: Popular comments: I never knew she …

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K-Pop idols you’d never guessed were the same age!

Many Korean idols are either known for having baby faces, or looking more mature than their age. Here are some idols who, unbelievably, are the same age but don’t look like it! 1986 BoA Kwon,¬†Zhou Mi (Super Junior M),¬†Boram¬†(T-ARA),¬†Sojin¬†(Girls’ Day)     1988 G-Dragon¬†(Big Bang),¬†Gyuri (KARA),¬†Kwanghee¬†(ZE:A),¬†Taecyeon (2PM),¬†UEE¬†(After School),¬†Kyuhyun (Super Junior) …

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Get Their Style: Red Velvet ‘Dumb Dumb’!

Click on the description of the clothing to go to the links! IRENE Top: KRW 34,000 Dim. E Cres Basic Crop Top_White Skirt: $54 American Apparel Tennis Skirt   YERI Top: KRW 34,000 Dim. E Cres Basic Crop Top_Blue Skirt: KRW 72,000 Dim. E Cres Logo Pleated Skirt_Blue   JOY …

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SM Family shows their love and support towards sunbae group TVXQ!

TVXQ has been busy lately, holding encore stages for their¬†Tistory: Special Live Tour.¬†For today’s stage, many artists from SMTOWN such as¬†Red Velvet,¬†Minho, Leeteuk, Eunhyuk and Donghae¬†went and supported their sunbae, showing their everlasting love towards them. Meanwhile TVXQ will wrap up their fifth world concert tour concert tour tomorrow with …

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