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Jungkook gifts fans with cover of JB’s “Purpose” on his birthday!

BTS‘ golden maknae, Jungkook, just turned 19 today! Jungkook uploaded a cover of Justin Beiber‘s “Purpose” onto their soundcloud account for his fans and thanked fans for celebrating his birthday together. Check out all of his birthday posts from Twitter here! “The gift I will give on my birthday. I …

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Fans claim BTS member is Fencing Man on “Masked Singer”

On this week’s episode of “Masked Singer” which aired on 7 August, A.R.M.Y.s from the BTS fandom claim that they know right away who this male singer disguised as Fencing Man is! That’s right, it’s 18-year-old Jungkook, BTS’ maknae! Fans claim that they knew right away that it was Jungkook …

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