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What are actress Go Ara’s recent concerns?

On 16 December on SBS’s ‘Night of TV Entertainment’, actress Go Ara appeared as a guest on the show. The MC asked a question which awed the audience. He asked, ‘Do you have any type of concerns?’ She replied by saying: “I want to find myself a boyfriend and the …

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Happy Birthday to APink’s Eunji!

]  Happy Birthday to APink’s powerful vocalist Eunji! It is her 23rd birthday (22 international age)! 5 days ago, APink just celebrated member Bomi’s birthday , who also happens to be born on the same year as Eunji! 93 Line!!!! We wish Eunji a great year ahead and we wish she …

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G-Dragon Thanks Fans for 5M Followers

G-Dragon, the leader of the boy band ‘Big Bang’, recently uploaded a photo onto his Instagram account, thanking his fans for gaining 5 million followers. The caption said, ‘Love y’all #5M’ with emoticon hearts to go with it. Congratulations on hitting 5 million followers, G-Dragon!

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Girl’s Day “Ring My Bell” Fanchant

링마벨(Ring My Bell) 응원법 A yo wassup- we gonna make it showtime huh!? R I N G Be My Bell Ring my bell ring ring ring my bell ho~ 링링마벨 링마벨 링링마벨 링마벨 링링마벨 링마벨 링링 링링 링 링링 링링 널 보자마자 확실해져 내가 오자마자 화끈해져 내 맘 널 향해간다고  오오오오오 따르릉 따르릉 비켜나세요 다른 여자들아 get out my way 난 꼭 널 가질거라고  오오오오오 tonight oh boy I’m fall in love moonlight 저 달을 따라 너와 함께 떠나가고 싶어 링링링 링마벨 머리가 핑핑핑 도는게 가슴이 터질듯해 oh my boy say …

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Girl’s Day achieves a perfect all-kill

After releasing their second full-length album “Love” earlier on today, Girl’s Day quickly climbed up the digital charts and finally dominates all the major digital charts in Korea! It seems like all the Da5sy’s and the music listeners and enjoying Girl’s Day’s new song “Ring My Bell”! Meanwhile the girls’ …

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Girls’ Day releases “Ring My Bell”

Girl’s Day is finally making their long awaited comeback with the release of their latest MV “Ring My Bell” After teasing us with several clips of their sexy and summer concept, the girls finally dropped their second full length album “Love”, and the mv / title track “Ring My Bell” with the help of the famous producer …

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‘Stages of Love’ with K-Pop Songs

Have you ever imagined falling in love with someone at first-sight? Here is our version of the stages of falling in love supported with K-Pop songs. Be ready to immerse yourself in a world of love and enjoy! When you first meet your girl/boy, you get the feeling of a fast-beating …

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Get a snippet of Girl’s Day’s “Ring My Bell”

As the girls’ comeback day gets closer and closer, more and more has been revealed to the public. Earlier today a Korean show ended their episode with a 44 second snippet of Girl’s Day’s “Ring My Bell”, giving us a taste of the girls’ up coming title track! Without further ado …

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AOA wins July 4th’s “Music Core”

AOA grabbed the #1 trophy on the July 4th episode of  “Music Core”!    The nominees for today’s episode were Sistar, Big Bang and AOA However it was AOA who grabbed the #1 trophy. Congratulations!  On this episode MINX returns with “Love Shake”, BTOB came back with “It’s Okay”, Nine Muses made their comeback with “Hurt Locker”, POTEN (4TEN) returned with “Go …

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