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[HOT] BTOB’s Minhyuk exposes his bright red underwear again on stage!

BTOB’s Minhyuk¬†is back again after a year to expose his bright red coloured underwear on stage. While¬†BTOB¬†was dancing to their hit track¬†Beep Beep¬†on stage of¬†“The Blue Concert”,¬†Minhyuk’s¬†pants once again ripped apart, revealing his bright red coloured underwear to his fans. It seems like his pants really wanted to give¬†Melodies¬†some fan-service. …

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BTOB Profile

Left To Right: Top: Sungjae, Changsub Medium: Minhyuk, Ilhoon, Hyunsik Bottom: Eunkwang, Peniel BTOB¬†(Korean: ŽĻĄŪą¨ŽĻĄ) is a seven member boy¬†group under Cube¬†Entertainment, they made their debut on March 21st, 2012 with their first digital single¬†ŽĻĄŽįÄ (Insane)¬†and made their debut stage on March 22nd, 2012 with their title tracks¬†Insane¬†and¬†Imagine¬†on Mnet’s M! …

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TWICE’s Nayeon, Tzuyu and MONSTA X’s Minhyuk, Kihyun to be the special MCs for June 5th’s Inkigayo!

Get ready to meet the four special emcees for SBS’ Inkigayo¬†for the 5th of June! Earlier today it was confirmed that¬†TWICE’s¬†¬†Nayeon,¬†Tzuyu¬†and¬†MONSTA X’s Minhyuk,¬†Kihyun¬†will be the special emcees for this weekend’s episode of¬†SBS’ Inkigayo!¬†Are you ready to see the two hot rookie idol groups interacting with each other? Meanwhile¬†TWICE¬†and¬†MONSTA X¬†are both …

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Click B Profile

Click-B¬†(Korean:ŪĀīŽ¶≠ŽĻĄ) is a seven-member boy group under DSP Media. The members consist of Yunsuk, Jonghyuk, Sanghyuk, Taehyung, Hyungon, Hosuk and Minhyuk.¬†The group made their debut with their first ever full length album Volume 1 – Click-B on August¬†1999. Birth Name: Kim Tae Hyung Stage Name: Taehyung, Kanghoo Birthday: March 19, …

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M.A.P6 Profile

M.A.P.6¬†(Korean: žó†žóźžĚīŪĒľ6‚Ĩ) is a five member South Korean boy group under Dream Tea¬†Entertainment. The members consists of Minhyuk, J-Jun, Sun, Sign¬†and¬†J-Bin.¬†They¬†made their debut on November 10 2015 with their first single album¬†Storm,¬†and held their debut stage with the title track of the same name on the same day. Birth Name:¬†Kim …

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CN BLUE Profile

(From left to right: Jungshin, Jonghyun,¬†Yonghwa, Minhyuk) CN BLUE (Code Name Blue)¬†(Korean:¬†žĒ®žóĒŽłĒŽ£®) is a 4 member boy band under FNC Entertainment. They officially began their career in Japan, making their debut with the release of their first ever English mini album”Now Or Never” on¬†August 19, 2009. However in late September, …

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