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MAMAMOO surpasses 2 million views for Um Oh Ah Yeh!

Congratulations to MAMAMOO, who has reached 2 million views for their latest music video: Um Oh Ah Yeh after 1 week! Since the release, the views for Um Oh Ah Yeh has rose rapidly, making it their fastest music video to reach 2 million views! Although 2 million views for a week might not be counted …

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MAMAMOO “Um Oh Ah Yeah” Fanchant

Hangul 음오아예 음 휘인 오 솔라 아 문별 (바로)화사 oh yes 음 오 아 예 (예!) 너에게 빠져들겠어 자꾸 반응하잖아   oh yes 음 오 아 예 (예!) 그래 난 다가가겠어 넌 내 취향저격 ace  내 앞을 지나갔어 눈빛이 마주쳤어 스타일이 좋아 느낌이 좋아 (마마무!) 다를 게 없는 오늘 너 …

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CLC surpasses 1 million views for Like!

Congratulations to CLC, who has just returned to stage with their second mini-album “Question” and the titletrack “Like”. As a rookie group, this is a big accomplishment for them! We wish the best for them  

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MAMAMOO holds a succesful showcase for their new mini album: Pink Funky

After teasing us with teasers, and concept photos, MAMAMOO has finally showcased their new song “Um Oh Ah Yeh” on their successfully held showcase for their new mini-album “Pink Funky”! The titletrack for their up coming release “Um Oh Ah Yeh” shows the girls’ emotions, the girls’ feeling after seeing their …

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