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L drops hints on Infinite’s upcoming comeback!

Infinite’s¬†L,¬†who will be featured in STAR1 magazine’s August 2016 issue drops hints on¬†Infinite’s¬†upcoming comeback. He revealed that after¬†Infinite’s¬†summer concert in¬†Seoul¬†and¬†Busan the group is expected to start preparing for a new release. Although no dates have been set just yet, however the group is expected to make a comeback very soon. …

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15 Best “Resting Bitch Faces” of Idols

The term “resting bitch face” is a term which is used when the neutral/expressionless facial expression of a person looks angry or annoyed but unintentionally. This term is usually used on girls, but on some males as well. Let’s look at which idols have this neutral face! Krystal- f(x)¬†   …

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#Happy25thLkimDay trends on twitter to celebrate INFINITE L’s birthday!

Happy Birthday to INFINITE’s L!¬† As the clock strikes midnight in Korea INFINITE’s visual L¬†will be celebrating his 25th birthday (Korean Birthday)! Inspirits¬†are celebrating¬†L’s¬†birthday on Twitter as usual, trending #Happy25thLkimDay worldwide! Inspirits also posted cute photos and birthday messages on various Social Network Sites, showing their love towards¬†L!¬†L definitely has …

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Top 19 Kpop Idols who look the same pre-debut

1.¬†GOT7¬†Jackson                   2.¬†Big Bang¬†T.O.P.                 3.¬†IU                 4.¬†EXID Hani ¬† ¬†                       5.¬†Miss A¬†Min ¬†       …

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