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BTS release photos for comeback of 화양연화 Part 2!

BTS have released their new pictorials for their comeback for Part 2 of their 4th mini album, ‘The Most Beautiful Moment in Life’! The members of BTS show off their new distinctive hair as well as some unique colours that we’ve never seen on the BTS members before such as …

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CL releases performance version of ‘Hello Bitches’!

The revealed artist for the YG comeback on the 21st of November is……. CL! CL has just released the dance performance version of her brand new comeback track ‘Hello Bitches’! ‘Hello Bitches’ is a pre-promotional track that has been released prior to CL’s official American debut and we can definitely …

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San E & Mad Clown release ‘Sour Grapes’!

The collaboration between San E and Mad Clown for ‘Sour Grapes’ has been released! The video itself is 19+ and as soon as you watch it you’ll realise why. The song as lots of innuendos and sexual references throughout the lyrics and the music video. For example, there’s a scene …

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FNC artists to not attend the 2015 MAMA awards?

FNC Entertainment has just announced that artists under their label such as F.T Island, CNBLUE, AOA and other artists will not be attending MAMAs 2015! They announced that ‘CNBLUE will not be attending MAMA 2015 because of their overseas touring schedule’, despite them being in announced in the first official …

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EXID perform ‘Hot Pink’ on Show Champion!

EXID are back with their brand new comeback track ‘Hot Pink’! The girls performed their official comeback stage at MBC Show Champion and giving it their all with a performance with powerful vocals and sexy dancing! The stage had the colour scheme of hot pink and white with a pink gas …

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BTS’ comeback trailer for ‘Never Mind’ is released!

BTS are back again with another comeback track named ‘Never Mind’! BTS had multiple comebacks this year and now this is their 3rd one in total! The track is performed mainly by member Suga as well as a small snippet of Rap Monster, showcasing their sick flow and powerful lyrics with …

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SISTAR isn’t the same with Soyou?

Sistar recently performed at Jangchung Gymnasium on the 13th of November, performing notorious tracks such as ‘Shake It’, ‘Touch My Body’  and ‘I Swear’, but without their 4th member Soyou. Despite her not being at the function her vocals were still in the tracks which were played in the songs …

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iKON releases music video for ‘Anthem’ and ‘Apology’ !

IKON recently released their new music videos for ‘Apology’ and ‘Anthem’, both music videos are in monochrome tones which showed a sophisticated side to the IKON members, but both of the music videos have different concepts and feels to them! In Apology, the members of IKON showcased their sophisticated vocals …

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