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Nine Muses is back with Hurt Locker!

After teasing us with various teaser images and mv teasers, Nine Muses is finally making their awaited comeback with a dance track “Hurt Locker” The music video and the title track “Hurt Locker” draws everybody’s attention as this is a concept that Nine Muses has never took on before! Instead of showing their …

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AOA member Mina uncovers what men do that make her heart flutter

AOA member Mina uncovers what things that men do make her heart flutter in a recent episode of KBS’ Hello Counselor.  Mina had made an appearance along with other member Choa as well as K. Will, and Homme’s Changmin and Lee Hyun.  At the start of the episode, MC Jung Chan Woo asked male guests who was the most handsome out of …

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Teen Top “Ah-Ah” Fanchant

Romanization (Starting from 0:08) {Capeu, Chunji, L.Joe, Niel, Ricky, Changjo, Teen Top, Ah-Ah} geunyang hanbeon georeobwasseo mwohana sipeoseo hal mal inneun geon aninde bogo sipeun geonji neon eotteolji mollado nan ne saenggagi nane mianhae jago isseotdeon geon aninji hoksi chulchulhaji anha mworado jamkkan meogeureo galkka geuge anieodo nan gwaenchanha keopirado …

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Leeteuk has been appointed to the MC of a new variety show!

According to officials, Super Junior’s leader: Leeteuk has been appointed to the MC of the new variety show of Disney Channel! The new variety show is scheduled to be aired on July 23rd! Leeteuk will once again be hosting as a sole MC, which he has experienced many times before, …

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EXID is in the midst of preparing a comeback!

EXID gave us more hints about their up coming comeback in the second half of the year! In recent interviews member LE mentioned that the group is currently in the mist of preparing for releases later on this year. It’ll again be a collaboration between EXID and famous composer Shisadong Tiger! However …

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Happy Birthday to Super Junior’s Leader: Leeteuk!

  Happy Birthday to the most special leader in the KPOP industry, Super Junior’s Leader Leeteuk! Leeteuk definitely has a lot to celebrate this year, being one of the most notable mcs in South Korea, as well as having concert halls filled with the massive Sapphire Blue Ocean! ELF’s have been …

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Girl’s Day releases concept photos for ‘Ring Ma Bell’

Girl’s Day continues to tease their fans with concept photos for their ‘Ring Ma Bell’ comeback! This afternoon, another group concept picture was uploaded onto Girl’s Day’s official Twitter account, featuring the silhouette of the members posing, with a swirly zebra print black-and-white background! A Dream Tea entertainment staff described Girl’s Day’s …

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G-Friend surpasses 5 million views for Glass Bead!

Congratulations to G-Friend, who has reached 5 million views for their debut music video: Glass Bead after 6 months! Since their debut in January, the views for their debut music video: Glass Bead has rose rapidly, beating out other girl groups who debuted in the same period of time. It is a big …

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Sistar “Shake It” Fanchant

Hangul ( 1,2,3, Go! ) 씨스타 윤보라! 씨스타 김효정! 씨스타 강지현! 씨스타 김다솜! 씨스타 사랑해! 씨스타 흔들어! 여름엔 씨스타! 너만을 유혹하는 춤 (우우우 우우우우) 심장에 매력발산 중 (우우우 우우우우) 손끝만 스쳐도 막 쿵-쿵쿵쿵 Oh! 내 맘이 흔들려 Shake it shake it for me Shake it shake it for me 나나나 …

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