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Jeon So Mi makes her third debut+ Idol drama operation team

  Jeon So Mi from I.O.I is now presenting her third debut from the ‘Idol Drama Operation Team: Let’s only walk the flower road’. It is the web- drama where all the members of the team makes a story and presenting it to the viewers. The cast member includes Moon Byul (Mamamoo), …

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OH MY GIRL will be making another comeback in August!

OH MY GIRL who received a lot of attention for their catchy title tracks LIAR LIAR and Windy Day earlier on in the year will be making another comeback! According to WM Entertainment the girls are currently busy gearing up for another release in August, and that more information will be released as their comeback date gets …

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OH MY GIRL to start their follow-up promotions with One Step Two Step!

OH MY GIRL, who recently wrapped up promotions with LIAR LIAR will be returning on stage once again with their follow-up single One Step Two Step. One Step Two Step is a dream-like track produced by girl group specialized producer B1A4’s Jinyoung. The lovely track expresses the hope for lovers to not break apart. Meanwhile OH MY …

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OH MY GIRL – “LIAR LIAR『中文版』(Chinese)” Lyrics (歌詞)

繁體版 (Traditional Chinese) (祉呼) ah ha so you think I kinda like you, think you can get me (MiMi) I think so (ALL) yaya (Arin) 深夜在牀上我亂想亂想 想你心跳就會狂響狂響 (ALL) liar liar liar (YooA) oh多不像話 (ALL) liar liar liar (孝定) 生的氣置了心鎖設密碼 深呼吸我需要準備一下 (Binnie) 不對不對 秘密很絕對 不對不對 (ALL) yaya (祉呼) 經常會出現的各種模樣 一整天讓我有點發燙 (JinE) 是吧是吧 真的嗎是嗎 不嚴重嗎 (ALL) …

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OH MY GIRL covers Girls’ Generation’s Oh!

The Show is back with its weekly music show! For this week’s episode OH MY GIRL performed a special stage, covering Girls’ Generation’s hit song Oh! In the video OH MY GIRL dressed up as cheer leaders, cutely cheering for their fans! Without further ado check out OH MY GIRL’s cover of Oh!  Meanwhile OH MY GIRL have been enjoying a lot of …

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OH MY GIRL shocks netizens with their amazing growth on Music Show Charts!

Despite of the negative comments that the netizens gave for LIAR LIAR’s charting during the early stages of the girls’ comeback, OH MY GIRL proves them wrong in their recent live stages! For this week’s music shows charting, OH MY GIRL achieved excellent results compared to the chartings in their previous comebacks. Firstly for MBCMUSIC’s Show Champion OH MY …

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Check out OH MY GIRL’S version of At The Same Place

OH MY GIRL’s Seunghee who sang the guide version of the hit girlish pop song At the Same Place, recently teamed up with her fellow OH MY GIRL member Hyojung for a cover of the beautiful track. Make sure you check it out! Meanwhile OH MY GIRL is currently busy promoting their newest mini album Pink Ocean as well as their lovely …

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OH MY GIRL makes a deceitful comeback with ‘Liar Liar’

OH MY GIRL is back with their new title track ‘Liar Liar’ for their new album ‘Pink Ocean’. This song explores the curiosity of people falling in love and how you want to keep your feelings to yourself. ‘Liar Liar’ is a very upbeat track which completely contrasts their last …

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