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Happy Birthday to APink’s Eunji!

]Ā  Happy Birthday to APink’s powerful vocalist Eunji! It is her 23rd birthday (22 internationalĀ age)! 5 days ago, APink just celebrated member Bomi’s birthday , who also happens to be born on the same year as Eunji! 93 Line!!!! We wish Eunji a great year ahead and we wish she …

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Happy Birthday to APink’s Bomi!!!!

Happy Birthday Bomi!!!!! It is APink’s Yoon Bomi’s Ā 23rd (22nd International Age) birthday! APink is currently promoting their new song ‘Remember’ and maknae Hayoung’s birthday just passed and it was also during this promotional period! Vocal Jung Eunji will also be celebrating her birthday 5 days later! NowKPop wishes Bomi …

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APink transforms into Fairies for ‘Petal’!

APink transforms into fairies once again for their music video of ‘Petal’! This is the follow up song for their current comeback with ‘Remember’! ‘Petal’ is a song about wondering if your crush knows that you love them or not. This song is really cute and combined with APink’s innocent …

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[Album Review] Apink- Pink Memory

Tracklist: 1. Remember 2. Perfume 3. ėŒė ¤ (Attractive) 4. Dejavu 5. ź½ƒģžŽģ  (Petal of flower) 6.Ā What A Boy Wants 7. I DO 8.Ā ģ‹ źø°ķ•˜ģ£  (Fascinating) 9. Remember Inst 10.Ā ģƒˆė¼ģ†ź°€ė½ (Promise U) The album comes in two different versions, “Red” and “White”,Ā andĀ consistsĀ of one random random type of photocard out of the 14 …

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A Pink makes a comeback with Remember !

  A Pink comebackĀ their long awaited song Remember! It is the title song for their second album Pink Memory! In the music video, the girls are seen to be having a blast and remembering their fun summer ‘Pink Memories’! The girls are refreshing and their cuteness gives us an awesome …

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