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Golden Child is making their debut!

Golden Child is finally making their debut! They are releasing their first mini album ‘GOL- CHA!’ on August 8th, 2017 through a fan- showcase. They released both long ver. and short ver. teaser clip of ‘담다디 DamDaDi’   Short ver.         Long ver.         …

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T-ARA’s showcase video

T-ARA Eun Jung, Hyo Min, Ji Yeon and Kyu Ri have presented their 13th mini album showcase on Seoul today, June 14th. They’ve also presented their solo songs, ‘Real Love’, ‘Ooh La La’, ‘Lullaby’ and  ‘Diamond’. The video for the showcase: http://tv.naver.com/v/1772473  

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Watch DIA’s debut showcase live!

In the showcase they will be showcasing the acoustic version of their debut track Somehow, Wanna Listen, My Polaris and of course the original version of their debut track Somehow! Therefore if you want to see their adorable faces alongside with their powerful dance and their strong vocals. Press one of the links below! …

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MAMAMOO releases an acappella version of Um Oh Ah Yeh!

After ending their promotions with hit track “Um Oh Ah Yeh”, MAMAMOO is back with us with the accapella version of the song! In the accapella version of the song again the girls shows their exceptionally talented rapping and singing skills wowing their Moo Moos! Without further ado check out the …

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MAMAMOO surpasses 2 million views for Um Oh Ah Yeh!

Congratulations to MAMAMOO, who has reached 2 million views for their latest music video: Um Oh Ah Yeh after 1 week! Since the release, the views for Um Oh Ah Yeh has rose rapidly, making it their fastest music video to reach 2 million views! Although 2 million views for a week might not be counted …

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MAMAMOO “Um Oh Ah Yeah” Fanchant

Hangul 음오아예 음 휘인 오 솔라 아 문별 (바로)화사 oh yes 음 오 아 예 (예!) 너에게 빠져들겠어 자꾸 반응하잖아   oh yes 음 오 아 예 (예!) 그래 난 다가가겠어 넌 내 취향저격 ace  내 앞을 지나갔어 눈빛이 마주쳤어 스타일이 좋아 느낌이 좋아 (마마무!) 다를 게 없는 오늘 너 …

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MAMAMOO holds a succesful showcase for their new mini album: Pink Funky

After teasing us with teasers, and concept photos, MAMAMOO has finally showcased their new song “Um Oh Ah Yeh” on their successfully held showcase for their new mini-album “Pink Funky”! The titletrack for their up coming release “Um Oh Ah Yeh” shows the girls’ emotions, the girls’ feeling after seeing their …

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