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9 Stars who shine even brighter with this latest fashion trend

Off shoulder’s are the latest fashion trend of summer 2016, and many celebrities and stars have been taking on this trending look in their casual wear and to multiple events too. In korean, it is called “žė§ŪĒĄžąĄŽćĒ” which literally sounds like “off shoulder”. Off shoulder shirts and dresses can draw …

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TOP 9 Maknae-Main Vocalists of KPOP!

Maknae-Main Vocalists¬†really surprises me a lot due to their superb singing abilities despite of their young ages. Below are 9 Maknae- MainVocalists¬†which will definitely wow all music listeners and fans with their amazing singing abilities. Therefore Check it out! (Order according to their debut dates) 1. TVXQ – Changmin 2. …

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[HOT] Suzy is preparing to debut as a solo soon!

Get ready for¬†Suzy‘s new solo album! According to the staffs, it is confirmed that Suzy is preparing to comeback as a singer after a long period of time working as an actress on screens and a few dramas. She is very serious about this project and choosing every song for …

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8 idols who take extraordinary selfies!

Selfies, known as¬†žÖÄžĻī¬†in Korean (sel-ca), are quite important to idols who want to interact with their fans everyday! Many idols are known to take terrible selcas which make them look worse rather than better, but there are some exceptionals! Let’s check out which idols take absolutely amazing selcas that make …

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8 Maknaes who grew up in front of our eyes

Maknaes of groups are known to debut at a very young age, at around 16 or 17 years old. After a few years, these cute maknaes have grown into mature and charming boys and girls who continue to impress us with their talent and efforts! Many of these maknaes have …

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12 Idols who rock the beanie look!

BTS- Jimin   T-ARA- Hyomin¬†   Big Bang- Taeyang¬†   WINNER- Minho   2NE1- Dara   f(x)- Krystal¬†   BTS- Jungkook¬†   Lee Hyori¬†   SNSD-¬†Tiffany¬†   Miss A- Suzy¬†   EXO- Baekhyun¬†   BTOB- Sungjae  

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Top 10 Visuals of Girl-groups chosen by females

Many females users on the Korean social network site Enter-Talk recently participated in a survey asking them to vote for the top 10 visuals in female idol groups. These were the results from the survey: 1st– Miss A -> Suzy (Translation:¬†Of course Suzy) 2nd– f(x) -> Krystal (Translation: To be …

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Suzy, Baekhyun wins January 17th’s Inkigayo!

Inkigayo¬†is back with an hour of great show from your favorite artists! For today’s episode¬†TURBO¬†returned with¬†December, Hide and Seek and Again¬†and¬†Shin Hye Sung¬†came back with End¬†and¬†Roco Drama! The nominees for today’s episode were Gary, K.Will¬†and Suzy, Baekhyun, however it was Suzy¬†and¬†Baekhyub¬†who grabbed the first place trophy with their latest track …

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