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Top 19 Kpop Idols who look the same pre-debut

1.¬†GOT7¬†Jackson                   2.¬†Big Bang¬†T.O.P.                 3.¬†IU                 4.¬†EXID Hani ¬† ¬†                       5.¬†Miss A¬†Min ¬†       …

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Big Bang reported to have started their new MV filming!

Big Bang has started the filming process for their new comeback MV which is to be released on August 1st. Big Bang recently shared a video originally posted by YG-Family of Seungri jumping on a trampoline with a Western model. Netizens have commented enthusiastically on this post: “Goodbye Seungri blonde …

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‘Stages of Love’ with K-Pop Songs

Have you ever imagined falling in love with someone at first-sight? Here is our version of the stages of falling in love¬†supported with K-Pop songs. Be ready to immerse yourself in a world of love and enjoy! When you first meet your girl/boy, you get the feeling of a fast-beating …

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{EXCLUSIVE} Title Track review for ‘D’ album Big Bang

We’ve waited for yet another month, and now, Big Bang has released their D album! The title tracks for this album is ‘Sober’ and ‘If You’. The album also contains the 4 other songs that were previously released two months ago and the instrumental tracks for ‘Sober and ‘If You’. …

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Teen Top “Ah-Ah” Fanchant

Romanization (Starting from 0:08) {Capeu, Chunji, L.Joe, Niel, Ricky, Changjo, Teen Top, Ah-Ah} geunyang hanbeon georeobwasseo mwohana sipeoseo hal mal inneun geon aninde bogo sipeun geonji neon eotteolji mollado nan ne saenggagi nane mianhae jago isseotdeon geon aninji hoksi chulchulhaji anha mworado jamkkan meogeureo galkka geuge anieodo nan gwaenchanha keopirado …

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Big Bang MADE Diary in Shanghai

And once again, Big Bang, as a collaboration with Naver, has uploaded another MADE Diary Documentary for Shanghai! Do you see yourself in the video? We see the behind-the-scenes of the creation of G-Dragon’s crazy ‘We Like 2 Party’ video from Instagram, T.O.P. being ‘sad’ because there is no coffee …

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Big Bang “Bang Bang Bang” Behind the Scenes

Big Bang has just uploaded their behind the scenes for their MV “Bang Bang Bang”! Are all of you VIPs excited? We see how they create their eye-catching music video in the process of creation and everything including TOP’s crazy dance! Remember to watch out for their new song which …

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Big Bang MADE Documentary- Tour Report in Beijing

Want to know how it‚Äôs like to Big Bang? Well, now is your time! Big Bang posted a video of their Beijing Tour Footage. This has been their second diary footage of their world tour as a collaboration with Naver, named ‚ÄėBig Bang MADE Tour with Naver‚Äô. We get to …

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