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[HOT] Kim Nayoung from ‘Produce 101’ is in Vixx’s new music video

Jellyfish Entertainment staffs have commented that Vixx‘s new music video’s main character will be Kim Nayoung who ended up as 14th in ‘Produce 101’. Vixx will be having their comeback this week with their new album, fans are not only excited about the songs, but also looking forward to see Nayoung in the …

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VIXX Ken spends his birthday with BFF BTS’ Jin!

Today is VIXX Ken‘s birthday and he’s turning 24! He spent his birthday with his close friend Jin from BTS and Jin even posted a photo of them together! Talk about friendship goals… Happy birthday, Ken! Hope you have a nice one! Check out the tweets from Jin below!

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[HOT] VIXX’s Ken opens up his official Instagram!

VIXX’s Ken has opened up his personal Instagram account!  Ken will be the 4th VIXX member to open up a personal Instagram account. Meanwhile Ken started his account with a selca of himself and has already accumulated 20k+ followers! If you are not one of Ken’s 20k followers, make sure you follow him here!

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Top 15 Male Idols with the cutest “eye-smiles”

Smiles can change a lot of things; the way we look at things and also the way we actually look like. There are so many Korean male stars who have the most charming and beautiful smiles we have ever seen before, and we’ll list them out here. We hope these …

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[HOT] Vixx Hyuk will debut as an actor on screen!

It is claimed that Vixx Hyuk will be debuting as an actor on the movie “Hold on to Live”. Fans are looking forward to his acting through screen and they are waiting for its released date. New comedy movie will be released in January, make sure to check out his …

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Vixx “Chained Up” Fanchant

사슬 (Chained Up) 응원법 (00:09~) V.I.X.X 잔뜩 긴장한 채 어깨를 굴려 난 네 주윌 어슬령거러 uh 나를 굴복시킨 채찍 너머로 넌 날 응시해 뚫어지게 (옳지 착하지) 거친 내 숨결 다가와 어루만질 때 나는 이렇게 아픈데 (넘 아픈데) 돌아서지 못해 Eenie meenie minie moe 주인이자 먹잇감 Yeah Yeah Eenie meenie minie moe 사랑이자 독재자 넌 나의 사랑이자 독재자 …

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Infinite, NELL and VIXX confirms to not attend MAMA!

Popular idol groups Infinite, NELL and VIXX will not attend the upcoming 2015 Mnet Asian Music Awards! Earlier today it was announced that Infinite, NELL and VIXX will not attend 2015 MAMA. Infinite is nominated for Oupu Best Dance Performance Male Group, HotelsCombined Best Music Video and Best Collaboration & Unit, VIXX is nominated for Oupu Best Dance Performance Male Group, Best Collaboration & Unit and UnionPay Song …

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VIXX grabs their 3rd #1 trophy on Music Bank!

Music Bank is back with an hour of great show from your favourite artists! For today’s episode SNUPER debuts with Shall We Dance, Lush returns with Please Don’t Do This, HIGH4 gave us two choices Death or Alive, The Legend nailed their performance with Nail, Navi said Don’t Miss You, Lee Honggi made his solo debut stage with Insensible, Dynamic Duo returned with Jam, B.A.P goes Young, Wild & Free, WANNA.B came back with Hands …

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VIXX grabs their second #1 trophy for Chained Up!

Show Champion is back with an hour of great show from your favourite artists! For today’s episode myB returned with DDODDO, M.A.P6 Storms into the music industry, ROMEO aims at you with Target, SNUPER asks Shall We Dance? B.I.G came back with TAOLA, VIXX Chained Up for their comeback stage, B.A.P made their long awaited comeback with Young, Wild & Free, last but not least EXID seduces you …

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