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Taeyeon dances to Why in her newly released dance version music video!

Taeyeon who surprised everybody with the release of her second mini album Why a week ago is back again with the dance version of the music video! In her newly released dance video, Taeyeon can be seen dancing gorgeously to her newest title track Why, wowing fans with both her vocals and her beautiful dance moves. Without further ado …

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Taeyeon (태연) – “Why (와이)” Fanchant (응원법)

와이 응원법 Oh yeah yeah Oh 언젠가는 내 두 발이 Oh 닿는 대로 이끌리는 시선을 뺏겨버린 대로 가볍게 걸어갈 낯선 곳을 그리다 또 결국엔 허전한 긴 한숨에 멈춰 Why, Why, 돌아서 또 넌 Why, Why, 꿈만 가득해 지금 떠난다면 Good, Good, Good, yeah 만나게 될 모든 건 Great, Great, yeah …

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