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8 idols who take extraordinary selfies!

Selfies, known as 셀카 in Korean (sel-ca), are quite important to idols who want to interact with their fans everyday! Many idols are known to take terrible selcas which make them look worse rather than better, but there are some exceptionals! Let’s check out which idols take absolutely amazing selcas that make …

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[Pann] Yura looks amazing even without heels!

Girls‘ Day‘s Yura recently attended Dr Marten’s 56th anniversary on 1 April. She was seen without heels walking into the event and many fans were jealous of her amazing figure even without high heels! They praised her for her body management and for taking good care of her body. On …

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Girl’s Day promises to date with DAI5Y in Taiwan!

Girl’s Day has recently released a video, promising fans to have a sweet date with them in November! The up coming visit will mark the girls’ first visit since M! Countdown’s Nihao Taiwan back in 2013. Therefore the up coming visit will surely bring DAI5Y’s in Taiwan new songs and surprises! …

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Girl’s Day to make their Japanese debut next month!

After making their debut for five years, tackling different concepts, Girl’s Day will finally make their long awaited Japanese debut! Their Japanese debut album “Darling” composes of 4 tracks, having Darling (Japanese Ver.) being their title track, Twinkle Twinkle (Japnaese Ver.) and Ring My Bell (Japanese Ver.) being the sub tracks of the album. The girls will …

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Girl’s Day “Ring My Bell” Fanchant

링마벨(Ring My Bell) 응원법 A yo wassup- we gonna make it showtime huh!? R I N G Be My Bell Ring my bell ring ring ring my bell ho~ 링링마벨 링마벨 링링마벨 링마벨 링링마벨 링마벨 링링 링링 링 링링 링링 널 보자마자 확실해져 내가 오자마자 화끈해져 내 맘 널 향해간다고  오오오오오 따르릉 따르릉 비켜나세요 다른 여자들아 get out my way 난 꼭 널 가질거라고  오오오오오 tonight oh boy I’m fall in love moonlight 저 달을 따라 너와 함께 떠나가고 싶어 링링링 링마벨 머리가 핑핑핑 도는게 가슴이 터질듯해 oh my boy say …

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Girl’s Day achieves a perfect all-kill

After releasing their second full-length album “Love” earlier on today, Girl’s Day quickly climbed up the digital charts and finally dominates all the major digital charts in Korea! It seems like all the Da5sy’s and the music listeners and enjoying Girl’s Day’s new song “Ring My Bell”! Meanwhile the girls’ …

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Girls’ Day releases “Ring My Bell”

Girl’s Day is finally making their long awaited comeback with the release of their latest MV “Ring My Bell” After teasing us with several clips of their sexy and summer concept, the girls finally dropped their second full length album “Love”, and the mv / title track “Ring My Bell” with the help of the famous producer …

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