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Is Zhou Jie Qiong’s stage name “Zhou”?

I.O.I¬†who made their debut earlier the day with their debut title track¬†Dream Girls¬†has recently caught many attentions for¬†Zhou Jie Qiong’s¬†stage name. In YMC Entertainment’s¬†recent teaser image release,¬†Zhou Jie Qiong’s¬†stage name was stated as¬†Zhou¬†instead of her nickname¬†Pinky,¬†her birth name¬†Jieqiong¬†nor her Korean name¬†Kyeolkyung.¬†Will¬†Zhou Jie Qiong¬†end up having¬†Zhou¬†as her stage name? Meanwhile¬†I.O.I¬†will be …

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